BEEFit Snacks

BEEFit Snacks are made in accordance with our mission to bring our customers high-quality snacks never known before, all while maintaining our commitment to social responsibility.

BEEFit Snacks is a snack food company with a vision of providing our customers with healthy, delicious and nutritious keto biltong snack foods without compromising on taste and quality.

BEEFit Snacks has cornered the market with its finest beef biltong. For the past 10 years, BEEFit Snacks has focused on bringing their customers only the best. They use responsibly sourced beef for biltong and hand crafted in their state of the art facility with authentic recipes and only the freshest and finest herbs and spice blends used as seen in the BEEFit Chili Biltong 1kg. Their goal is to create top quality products with traditional South African flavors.

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BEEFit Snacks Chilli Biltong 1kg

BEEFit Snacks Chilli Biltong 1kg

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BEEFit Snacks Biltong UK

BEEFit Snacks, a multi award winning 100% prime British and Irish beef biltong using a traditional South African method. BEEFit biltong is a healthy, great tasting snack food containing no preservatives, additives or hidden yeasts. It's the ideal snack for those who care about what they eat as it has been specially selected for its high nutritional value as well as being low in fat, salt and sugar. Our BEEF biltong is top quality, full of flavour and packed with protein making it the ultimate snack for health-conscious people everywhere. BEEFit Snacks Biltong UK is a range of succulent 100% prime British & Irish beef biltong, made with a traditional South African recipe, using a unique process without any preservatives, additives or colours. Our Premium, Steak and Traditional flavour biltong is high in protein and an excellent source of iron. All BEEFit products have been awarded Great Taste Awards.

Beefit Biltong

Beefit biltong is a healthy, protein-packed snack that's made using only the best, natural ingredients. It's low in calories, contains no artificial flavours or preservatives and is gluten free. Fresh, natural and packed with protein, Beefit meat snacks are the perfect alternative to sugary sweets when you're on the go. Beefit biltong is gluten free, meaning it's ideal for those who suffer from coeliac disease or intolerance. Plus they come in such a range of delicious flavours that you won't want to eat anything else! Beefit snacks are designed to keep you happier and healthier. They are also a great source of protein, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.  
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