Boostballs nut butters are a great way for those following the Keto diet to reach their desired macronutrient needs. Our keto balls make snacking easy! Boostball snacks are not only convenient, but also very tasty and nutritious!

Boostball Review

We will be completing a review of the Boostball range so you have the pro’s and con’s of each product in the Boostball range.

Boostball Keto Range

Our tasty keto balls make snacking easy! These nut butter snacks are made with the powerful combination of high-quality nut butters, whole food ingredients and a touch of protein. Boostball snacks are designed to be nutrient dense.

Boostball does not only make delicious keto snacks, but we serve a greater purpose as well. We are helping solve the obesity crisis in South Africa by producing great tasting and healthy nut butter balls that contain protein from 100% natural ingredients that have been

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Coconut Milk Powder Boostballs Keto Kupboard 750g

Coconut Milk Powder Boostballs Keto Kupboard 750g

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Boostball Keto Protein Powder Vanilla 450g

Boostball Keto Protein Powder Vanilla 450g

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Boost Balls Keto Shake

Boostball Keto Shake

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At Boostball we believe in a clean label and healthy products, you won't find any additives, preservatives or refined ingredients. All our products are vegan and are dairy free, high protein and low carb. Boostball are here to make snacking easier. All of our products are 100% natural and contain the highest quality ingredients. Products like Keto Range, provide an easy and delicious way to reach your macros and protein targets.  
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