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Cosmic Molecule Bone Broth
12 months ago

Cosmic Molecule Bone Broth

Cosmic Molecule Bone Broth Protein is crafted in the bones healthy grass fed, pasture raised cows. It's then lightly simmered to extract all of the essential nutrients. The outcome is a healthy broth, packaged with hydration and 19 amino acids of the highest absorption quality. Add to your morning coffee/tea, or mix in smoothies, or include a heaped tablespoon into soup, stew or sauce. Content: 300g | 30 Heaped Tablespoons per tub | Unflavoured Ingredients: Bovine Bone Broth 99.5%, Sunflower Lecithin Grass Fed, Pasture Raised (Doesn't include: GMO, Gluten, Soya, Sugar, Fillers, Taste Enhancers, Preservative, Nuts, Synthetic Ingredients) If you are looking for a UK brand of bone broth then you need to try the Cosmic Molecule Bone Broth. UK made, and sold.  
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