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Cosmic Molecule Bone Broth
1 year ago

Cosmic Molecule Bone Broth

£24.99 -7%
Cosmic Molecule Bone Broth Protein is crafted in the bones healthy grass fed, pasture raised cows. It's then lightly simmered to extract all of the essential nutrients. The outcome is a healthy broth, packaged with hydration and 19 amino acids of the highest absorption quality. Add to your morning coffee/tea, or mix in smoothies, or include a heaped tablespoon into soup, stew or sauce. Content: 300g | 30 Heaped Tablespoons per tub | Unflavoured Ingredients: Bovine Bone Broth 99.5%, Sunflower Lecithin Grass Fed, Pasture Raised (Doesn't include: GMO, Gluten, Soya, Sugar, Fillers, Taste Enhancers, Preservative, Nuts, Synthetic Ingredients) If you are looking for a UK brand of bone broth then you need to try the Cosmic Molecule Bone Broth. UK made, and sold.  
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