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Elektromax – Powdered Keto Electrolytes Lemon – ‎KETOCHEF
Elektromax powdered electrolyte drink is a unique, high mineral content drink powder that contains a significant amount of potassium (1000mg / sachet) and a selection of vital mineral salts. Ideal to replenish lost minerals during perspiration on the summer months, it is also recommended for supporting physical and mental athletes during all times of the year. It is particularly useful after intense training sessions, sporting events and during periods of rehabilitation. With a completely new level of electrolyte drink powder, Elektromax introduces KetoChef . It's a safe and natural beverage product designed to help you sustain long periods of physical and mental activity, replenish ion balance and increase recovery from exercise induced stress reactions. Our Powdered Electrolyte drink is a mix of mineral and electrolytes (potassium and sodium). This zero calorie drink mix is designed to replace minerals lost during sweating on the summer months. It is recommended for athletes, people living an active lifestyle at all time of the year.
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