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Mea Vita Mct Oil 500ml
11 months ago

Mea Vita Mct Oil 500ml

£19.39 -16%

Mea Vita Mct Oil

Mea Vita is a high end MCT oil ideal for those looking for a ultra pure MCT oil. We recommend Mea Vita's MCT Oil for your healthy life as it is one of the most premium-quality MCT oils in the UK. It consists exclusively of 70% C-8 fatty acids (caprylic acid) and 30% C-10 fatty acids. The quality of this product is guaranteed by the fact that only cold pressing is used for extracting caprylic and capric acid. Available in a sleek, convenient bottle ready-to-go, Mea Vita MCT oil is one of the most efficient and healthy choices for increasing your daily dose of MCTs. As one of the few products on the market offering pure caprylic acid in concentrated liquid form, Mea Vita is truly a unique and potent choice in the supplement marketplace.
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