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No Guilt Bakes Keto Cake Bites – Variety Pack 10 Packets – Low Carb & Gluten Free
No Guilt Bakes Keto Cake Bites are the healthy option for enjoying cake. They are individually wrapped bites; perfect to tuck into your handbag, kids lunch box, or snack drawer! Each pocket friendly packet contains one cake bite under 2g of carbs per bite which makes them the perfect indulgent treat without any guilt. The quick microwave option gives these low-carb snack bite cakes 30’-50’ microwaveable for on the move users, fitting the philosophy of the brand to provide low carb snacks without sacrificing taste. Created for busy lifestyles, these tasty cake bites are made with low-carb ingredients and baked to perfection. All No Guilt Bakes Keto Cake Bites are under 2g of carbs per bite and can be microwaved in just 30' - 50', making them the ideal snack to enjoy at home or on-the-go. With a wide variety of flavors and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, they're also gluten free and 'guilt free'. No Guilt Bakes was born out of a desire to bake guilt free healthy snacks for friends and family. Worn down by the diet regime, Lucy and her husband were ready for a change. The guilt-free treats they craved did not exist, so they decided to make them themselves. No Guilt Bakes Keto Cake Bites have been biscuit shaped with a soft centre made from the highest quality ingredients resulting in a tasty cake bite that everyone can enjoy without any nutritional compromise. Individually wrapped, perfect to throw into your handbag, lunchbox or snack drawer!
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