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Ketogenic Red wines are usually dry and are perfect for when on the keto diet. Our range of low carb wines Keto friendly wine is supported by our team and is a great option for when you want to have a drink but not go over your carbs.

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Keto Red Wine is made using a very clever revolutionary Mediterranean way of making wine – called super-soaking. This special method preserves and intensifies the flavour’s of the grapes and produces a dry, crisp wine that’s naturally low carb. This ‘Keto’ red wine is perfect for those on the keto diet to enjoy guilt-free.

Low Carb Red Wine UK

Red wines are a great choice for those on a ketogenic diet as they are relatively low in carb. The low sugar content of our range is supported by the proven expertise of our in-house winemaking team, and we have been engaging with customers who use these wines to support a healthy lifestyle.

Does red wine stop ketosis?

If you are on a ketogenic diet, you may wonder, does red wine present any challenges to you? In this detailed guide you’ll find out the answer to the question does red wine stop ketosis? and more.

Red wine does not stop the formation of ketones from fasting. It is true that red wine also contains sugar. But ketone levels in the blood do not increase even when a small amount of alcohol is consumed on a ketogenic diet.

No. Pure alcohol won’t stop ketosis, because it doesn’t digest into anything that would feed a state of ketosis. It burns off as such, and only provides energy to your muscles that aren’t being fuelled by fat already. The same goes for sugar or other carbs.