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Keto Cereal UK will help you find Keto friendly breakfast cereal, muesli and granola to make breakfast as easy as possible on the keto diet.

The keto diet is being recognised as one of the most effective ways of losing weight. Having to cut out so many food groups can be extremely challenging in the beginning. Breakfast is often the most difficult meal as it can be hard to find something that you can eat and will also satisfy your hunger; this is where Keto Cereal comes in.


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Keto Granola

Macadamia & Coconut Keto Granola

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Keto Fire Keto Cereal

Our Keto Cereal UK shop has a great range of breakfast cereals for the keto diet as well as granola and muesli. They use ingredients such as coconut, chia seeds and pea protein making them suitable for the keto diet.

Keto Cereal UK stock a variety of low carb cereal, granola and muesli for the keto diet. With ready made low carb cereals or low carb specific mixes you can make your own. With handy 5g net carbs per serving our products are far more nutritious than store bought cereal is at the same time still keto friendly.

I’ve tried so many keto cereal brands and products over the last few years to find a breakfast that would satisfy me during my busy morning routine. To help you out, and save you time and money, we created this roundup of the best keto approved cereals and granola. We have also reviewed each product listing the pros and cons of each so when you click through it will help you pick your keto cereal based on your preferences, dietary needs, budget and goals. The ones that I have been loving are the amazing Keto Crunch Granola by The Gracious Pantry.

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Check out our Keto friendly cereal which includes  low carb granola, keto porridge and crunchy cereal bars. A variety of breakfast cereals to start the day on a healthy diet.

Keto Cereal UK is your one stop shop for all of your keto diet needs. We offer a large range of low carb cereals, and all products are strictly made low carb to suit the requirements of the ketogenic diet. Our flagship product is our Keto Hot Cereal, which comes in Chocolate or Vanilla flavor. Both of our flavours of Keto Hot Cereal are keto cereal breakfast options that can be included in your low carb meal plan. All of our products are made in the UK, wheat and gluten free, and contain no added sugar.

Whether you are just getting started on a keto diet or have been living low carb for a while, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We have the solution for you. Our range of delicious low carb breakfasts will put an end to those cravings and tempt you with a range of healthy and enjoyable alternatives. We have keto friendly cereals, muesli, porridge and milk alternatives to keep your body supplied with all it needs to burn fat and keep your energy up. With sweet and savoury choices, we are sure to have something for everyone.

Keto Breakfast Cereal UK

Our Keto Back Cereal is specially made to fit in with low carb diets, but naturally high in fats, medium in protein and super low in carbs. The cereals have 5g of fibre added to the mix making them the new ultimate Keto food. We have 3 flavours that are all naturally sweetened, no refined sugars used for added flavour, all that goodness comes from nature.

Whether your low in carbs or not everyone can enjoy these Keto Breakfast Cereals. Packed with fats, medium in protein and super low in carbs.

Our keto breakfast cereal is high in fats, medium in protein and super low in carbs. This means less consumption of carbohydrates making them an ideal start to your day, particularly if you are following a ketogenic diet! Keto Cereals is a low carb breakfast cereal made for the keto diet. Packed full of good fats and protein with minimal carbs, Keto Cereals are perfect for those following a low carb diet, or just looking for a healthier breakfast cereal option.

Rich in fibre, low in net carbs with the most fat of any cereal on the market. Our cereals are high in fats, medium in protein and super low in certain carbohydrates. A perfect balance of fibre and protein that keeps you full longer, leaner and more energised. Use them as an alternative to bread with butter or cheese to keep your calories down, or enjoy as a delicious treat sprinkled with milk on top.

Get ready to savour the taste of your favourite cereal for breakfast. We may be the only cereal in the UK that ticks all these boxes and we’ve done it without compromising on taste one bit! It’s a high fat, medium protein, low carb breakfast cereal and we’re certain you’ll agree it’s delicious. Made using our special blend of natural ingredients and brain food brain booster, Keto Cereals are bursting with valuable nutrients and vitamins to kick start your day. So whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply want to treat yourself, break tradition and give Keto Breakfast Cereals a try today.