Keto Chocolate Spread

Our delicious Keto Chocolate Spread is not only great for the keto diet but in our opinion is good enough to be eaten by all. With only 1.9g carbs per serving, it’s so easy to snack on and we think you’ll love it as much as we do!

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Pongo Cocoa Hazelnut Protein Spread

Pongo Cocoa Hazelnut Protein Spread

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Our chocolate spread is super low in carbs and has a much lower impact upon your blood glucose levels, so that you can still enjoy your chocolate hit on a ketogenic diet. With only 0.4g net carbs per serving also makes it great for diabetics. Order today!

Keto Chocolate Spread is perfect for your ketogenic diet, gluten-free and diabetic friendly. With three great taste varieties; chocolate spread powder, ganache paste and one tablespoon servings of super antioxidant cacao powder, we want to keep you satisfied in every way possible!

Low Carb Chocolate Spread for Sale

We make a range of low carb chocolate spread, including chocolate hazelnut spread, low carb peanut butter chocolate spread and sugar free white chocolate w/ raspberries, strawberry & mint. We also make other products including keto protein shakes (see  here), low carb protein bars (see here), keto snacks, and more! Our passion is food, particularly chocolate. We carry out full product development process from ideation to production and get each batch analysed by a third party lab for quality assurance purposes.

Our low carb chocolate spread offers you a sugar free alternative to your favorite chocolate spread. 50% less carbs and fat than the leading brand. Spread on low carb breads, bagels, pancakes or mix in with your low carb recipes to give them that extra chocolaty edge. Buy our low carb chocolate spread  here  and have your chocolate fix on a ketogenic diet!