Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee is also known as Fat Coffee or Bulletproof coffee. This is fresh brew coffee, or espresso coffee that you mix in grass fed butter, MCT oil and Coconut oil and then whisk and drink. The aim of the coffee is to give you an shot of fast acting fats that in turn are used as ketones in the body, to help fuel the body and brain.

When it comes to Bulletproof coffee the aim is to also use mycotoxin free coffee beans. Mycotoxins are a toxin from the mold that can form on coffee beans when they dry. By eliminating mycotoxins from the diet, you help to keep the body clean and help the brain as mycotoxins is a neurotoxin.

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Keto Coffee UK

Keto Coffee is sometimes referred to as Butter Coffee or BulletProof Coffee.

Keto Coffee is normal coffee (or Mycotoxin free coffee in some cases) mixed with either MCT oil on its own or in the case of Butter Keto Coffee, Butter, MCT oil and Coconut oil. You mix in the Butter, MCT oil and Coconut Oil into a black coffee and stir. The drink is a creamy coffee not unlike a slightly coconuty coffee with cream. This is Keto Coffee as the fats are perfect to boost your ketone levels and get you going first thing in the morning when on Ketosis.

We list the ingredients here to make your own Keto Coffee, apart from the butter that is! Keto Coffee is so popular that many independent coffee shops are now listing it a an option for you.

Finding the perfect keto coffee will help you really get into ketosis. Coffee is not exactly a Keto Supplement but it helps.

Benefits of Fat Coffee

Fat Coffee (also known as Bulletproof coffee or keto coffee), is gaining huge popularity worldwide due to its remarkable health benefits. It is essentially like coffee with less coffee. Think about the power and convenience of ketosis.

MCT Oil, Butter and coconut oil in the coffee

MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is converted into energy through the body’s metabolism. MCTs are a source of medium-chain fatty acids, which the body utilizes as fuel when there is no food, sleep, or exercise. Bulletproof coffee is made from MCT oils extracted from coconut and high in fiber content.

MCTs are an extremely good source of energy, since they provide the body with fast acting fat. MCTs are able to enter your bloodstream very quickly, giving you immediate energy without the added burden of sugar. The trick to getting the full effects of a high-quality coffee is in the method in which you get the coffee into your bloodstream. Without a doubt, using Bulletproof Coffee is the fastest and most convenient way to get the high-grade energy you need.

The coffee has been shown to raise your energy levels, which leads to you feeling more energetic throughout the day. Since the caffeine that comes with this type of coffee is not the caffeine found in regular coffee, it is less likely to interfere with your sleeping patterns. You are also likely to have fewer cravings as well, due to the fact that fat is being used as fuel, instead of sugar. The body is able to easily burn fat for energy and will use only the highest quality fats it needs for energy when needed.

Because fat coffee contains such high quality fats, that get burnt and not absorbed, it is also good for people who have difficulty losing weight. Since fat is high in energy, when you consume this type of coffee you will feel much more energized when trying to lose weight. And since the caffeine in fat coffee is very mild, you can drink it all day long, since there is no need to stop and wake up after a big meal or snack.

Fat Coffee aka Keto Coffee for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, but still don’t have the time to exercise or take supplements, you should consider adding some fat coffee to your weight loss diet. To help speed up your results. While the amount you will lose depends on how much fat you eat, as long as you stick to your daily calorie intake, you are likely to lose at least one pound per day over three weeks or so.

If you are trying to eat a healthy, balanced diet, you may want to substitute fat coffee with other healthier options. For instance, instead of drinking a large amount of butter, you could instead try drinking milk or even skimmed milk. It also makes a great alternative to other “convenience” beverages, like soda, which has sugar and has nothing to do with a healthy diet. Also, a glass of dark chocolate with some dark roast coffee is another alternative and is also great for those who want to maintain a balanced diet, but not as fast as drinking fat coffee.

Different types of coffee for Ketosis

Of course, not all Bulletproof coffees are created equal. A variety of studies have shown that this brand of coffee has been designed to taste better when mixed with the MCT, Butter and coconut oil than traditional coffee. This is why it is a good idea to buy your preferred flavor from your local store and mix it with another brand.

As with most things, it’s worth doing some research to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Try to find reviews on the various coffee brands available online. You’ll probably find that the best coffee comes from this brand.

In general most people say that Fat Coffee has a wonderful taste and is not at all bitter, the butter, MCT Oil and coconut oil gives the coffee a creaminess. They also say that it is a very easy choice as an energy drink and will give you all of the nutrition you need without having to count calories or count servings.

Just remember that the same benefits listed here apply to other types of coffee as well. If you are having trouble losing weight, fat coffee is an excellent alternative.