Keto Sauces

Keto Sauces are replacements for carb heavy sauces with low carb alternatives that are keto friendly.

Our Keto Sauces are lower in carbs with keto friendly alternatives. From Taco to Sweet & Sour, we have many flavours to choose from to flavour your favourite meal.


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Keto Maple Syrup

Keto Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

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These Keto Sauces are perfect for the Ketogenic Diet (KD). They contain only 2 net carbs per serving. Pure Italian dressing with ZERO carbohydrates, packed good fats and zero sugars; you will be amazed by how much flavour is packed into these keto sauces!

keto sauces are available, featuring flavours you’re sure to love. Made with natural ingredients and zero sugar, these must-try sauces are perfect for a variety of applications and cuisines.

Keto Sauces are the perfect pairing with everything from seafood to meat. Get saucy and let your taste buds soar!