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Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Beans UK (whole bean) – 340g

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340g of Whole Bean Bulletproof Branded Coffee UK

Bulletproof Coffee Beans UK. No Jitters, No Crash: Just Energy, Focus, and a Great Taste!

Bulletproof Coffee Beans UK: 100% Organic Unadulterated Arabica Coffee Beans.

  • Genuine Bulletproof Coffee Beans
  • Mycotoxin Free Whole Coffee Beans
  • UK Based Bulletproof Brand Coffee
  • Ideal for making real Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is an easy, delicious way to upgrade your morning and increase your energy. The Whole Bean Bulletproof Branded Coffee UK is specifically blended to provide a smoother taste, using beans roasted in small batches at lower temperatures to reduce the release of volatiles. Perfect for making Bulletproof Coffee, it’s also gluten free and contains zero mycotoxins.


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Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Whole Beans 340g

Real branded Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Beans 340g Bag.

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Whole Beans 340g is an organic coffee that has been specially cultivated to be rich in antioxidants with lowest possible toxin. It helps to provide you with all-day energy and stamina.

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee is coffee as it should be. It's cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides and is ultra low in mycotoxins. Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Whole Beans 340g, these are Mycotoxin free coffee from the brand Bulletproof. The beans are then roasted in small batches and sealed air tight in a nitrogen flushed bag that's also oxygen-barrier packed to seal in freshness for optimal freshness.

Sizes of Bulletproof Coffee Beans

There is only one size of Bulletproof coffee beans and that is 340g/12oz bags. We use Medium Roast Coffee Beans which are available in the bulk section at most coffee shops.

Bulletproof Coffee beans are a different story and I’m just going to come right out and say it: there is only one size of Bulletproof coffee beans, and that is 340g/12oz bags. The reason for this is very simple, the bags are designed to contain exactly 16 cups of coffee grounds. This makes the bags the equivalent of one pound, which is the classic serving size at restaurants and coffee shops.

We receive a lot of questions about the sizes of Bulletproof Coffee beans. As you can see from our product images, there are 340 grams (12.1 oz.) bags available exclusively. We know that some are really into numbers and may find this confusing. Maybe 340 grams doesn’t seem like much compared to two-pound bags you get at the grocery store. But these are not normal, conventional coffee beans!

Toxin Free Coffee Beans UK

340g of Bulletproof Whole Beans - Designed to toxin free Bulletproof Coffee.

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Beans are 100% free clean coffee beans with no additional oils added. They are organic, fully sustainable, and outstandingly delicious. Toxin free Bulletproof branded coffee beans are ideal for anyone looking for healthy coffee.

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Whole Beans are an upgrade from regular coffee beans that you can make at home or buy at a local coffee shop. The Bulletproof Upgraded Beans are toxin-free, have less mould toxins, less mycotoxins and are even more sustainable than standard beans.

Bulletproof Coffee Whole Beans are sourced from small batch, single origin coffee beans with the highest toxin ratings for the lowest heavy metal and mould count on the market.

Use these beans along with MCT Oil and Grass Fed Unsalted Butter for Bulletproof Coffee Beans

Whole bean coffee beans that have had mycotoxins removed. Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee is a special blend of beans that are cleaned for mycotoxins with Bulletproof's special process followed by high pressure processing and packaged in BPA-free plastic canisters.

The innovative science of Bulletproof coffee is now available in 340g whole bean vacuum packed bags. The beans are sealed in oxygen-free, light-proof packs to keep them as fresh as possible, without storing in a fridge.

Bulletproof Coffee is a trademarked term referring to a particular way of preparing coffee developed by Dave Asprey, author of the New York Times #1 Bestselling book, "The Bulletproof Diet" and the associated company of the same name. So, with that's how to make it.

Bulletproof Coffee is a fast and simple recipe that gives you the full health benefits of Bulletproof Coffee, also known as "Upgraded Coffee," but ready in only 1 minute. After years of making it yourself, we were able to perfect the process to deliver the same results. No matter if you're a java drinker or not, this is an enjoyable upgrade to your day courtesy of Dave Asprey and his crew at Bulletproof Executive. Enjoy!

Bulletproof Coffee is a simple recipe that yields big results. First, start with the freshest coffee beans you can buy, then blend them up with the highest-quality grass-fed butter and Brain Octane Oil to create a creamy cup of coffee with all the benefits of grass-fed butter and MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), combined in one tasty brew.

340g Bag of Bulletproof Coffee beans UK

  • Fungi free whole coffee beans
  • Bulletproof Coffee Brand
  • Ideal for Bulletproof coffee
  • Certified Clean Coffee Beans
  • Mycotoxin Free Coffee

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee Beans

Now when you are looking to get your head clear in the morning you reach for coffee, but what if you accidently made your brain fog worse due to the mycotoxins riddled in your beans.

Now we all know that they wash the beans to try and get rid of the mycotoxins and some studies say that the mould on coffee is low. Low isn't good enough, there are no safe levels of mycotoxins.  Simply put, you want to perform at a top level, you want your coffee mycotoxin free and the only way to really do that is to buy Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee. Now following the Bullet proof upgraded lifestyle is not cheap but if you are looking to follow the Keto Diet Bulletproof Style you need to buy the right coffee.

What makes Bulletproof Coffee Beans Free from Toxic Mould?

Well if we knew we would be doing exactly what Dave Asprey is doing, but knowing Dave he will be using a thorough method to clean the coffee beans of all the mycotoxins and not have any residue on the beans.

Did you know that up to 80% of the world's coffee is infected with toxic mould? That’s right mould! It's a major problem, which is why Bulletproof Coffee uses beans that are free from toxic mould.

We’ve all seen the words ‘low-toxin coffee beans’ plastered on every bag of Bulletproof Coffee Beans. First, what do mould toxins have to do with your coffee? A lot. Second, why wouldn’t I just buy organic coffee instead? Good question. Finally, how can bulletproof beans be low in toxin but high quality? Finally! The questions you want answered!

There are many reasons why people begin to consume health products. Some want to lose weight, some want to decrease cholesterol levels, and others just want to eliminate toxins from their body. Perhaps you heard of the Bulletproof coffee company? The company sells coffee beans that have undergone a specific method in order to reduce the toxic mold content down by 55%. What is toxic mold, and do you need to be concerned about consuming it in your coffee? Let’s take a look at how it can affect your body, why you might not see it on the label of your food, and just how health experts managed to zero out its presence in their Bulletproof Coffee Beans.

Mycotoxin free coffee brands

Now Bulletproof Coffee is the first in terms of knowing about the issues of mycotoxins but there have been more brands of mycotoxin free coffee on the market. We will be adding the other brands of mycotoxin free coffee to the site once we have reviewed them properly and checked them for mould.

We will not take anything at face value for a review and we would like to do our own tests for mycotoxins.  We will be making videos to show how much mould there is on each brands of coffee brands you used to drink before you found Bulletproof Coffee Beans and saw the light.

Mycotoxins in Coffee

Now depending on who you listen to there is small amounts of mycotoxins in coffee, the washing process does reduce the amount. But given that mycotoxins are toxins that affect the brain, the nerves and the body in general how much is to much? There is a official "safe" level that the government says is fine, but we all know about lobby groups and how much money there is in the coffee business. Now if you are happy drinking 6 cups of small amounts of highly toxic mould then go ahead have a nice big cup of toxic sludge, but the fact you are on this website page we think not. The more and more people become aware of the mycotoxins the more brands there are like Bulletproof coffee beans the cheaper the beans become. So lets all get everyone aware of the dangers of mycotoxins and the more we will see coffee's like upgraded coffee on the shelves of supermarkets.

Home to use a French press coffee maker with Bulletproof coffee beans:

I'm going to show you how to brew any Bulletproof coffee beans in the French press today, but also I'll show you how to brew specifically the darker roasts, because if you're a bulletproof coffee fan, you've been using our standard bulletproof roast, which is optimized for flavour.

It's my favourite roast. And this new stuff is just slightly darker, but has a very different taste with more body, more chocolate notes. And it's delicious. You've got to handle it differently.

Darker roasted coffee tends to go stale more rapidly, so storage matters a little bit more oil on the surface.

So you've got to have one of these bulletproof canisters. What's different about these is that they have an inner seal and this inner seal does something interesting.

It pushes the oxygen out. So once you open the bag of coffee that will send you fresh roasted coffee. You put it in here to keep the oxygen out when you pull it out. You're that vacuum sound and then your coffee is nice and fresh. What I'm going to do here is grind some of the coffee beans. I'm going to make three cups of coffee, so I'm going to want about a third to a half a cup of ground coffee.

So I'll put just enough into the coffee grinder and we'll start grinding.

When you're grinding your coffee, it's really worth your energy to spend an extra 15 or 20 dollars on getting a coffee mill or coffee grinder that has two rotating parts that make even sized particles, because when you're doing a French press, you don't want to have what you get from one of those chopper kind of grinders, which is dust and boulders we want to even particle size.

So you get really good coffee. I did about a medium grind here and what I'll do is I'll add the coffee. To this French press here, I'm using an insulated French press, you can add. About half a cup, this is a third of a cup measure. I'm going to do exactly three cups of water. I like my coffee pretty strong. And you'll find there's reasons to make your coffee a little stronger when you're using a dark roast.

And you wouldn't expect that. But that's actually how it works.

Bulletproof Upgraded Single Estate Coffee

Bulletproof Upgraded Single Estate Coffee is known for its slightly-to-medium roast flavor. To create it, Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee starts with gourmet Arabica beans from a single farm in Central America. These beans are then roasted to a medium level of darkness and carefully blended to make the ideal Electric Donut taste (and smell!). It's available in 12 oz bags or 72 count boxes, both of which can be purchased on the website below.

Bulletproof Upgraded Single Estate Coffee is designed in every way to deliver the characteristics of this rare and delicious coffee bean. Our unique cold-extraction process preserves the delicate oils responsible for much of its amazing taste. We also remove the mycotoxins and plant nutrients that naturally occur in many coffee beans.

What’s wrong with a little variety? Not much if it’s balanced. But our goal at Bulletproof Coffee is to have consistency and quality in the cup. We use beans from two sources: our single origin Upgraded beans from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala and our custom roasted beans sourced exclusively for Bulletproof Coffee. You can consistently expect rich, clean tasting coffee that you and your customers will love.

Brewing Bulletproof coffee beans

One of the tricks to make your darker roast coffee taste really good is to reduce the brewing temperature. If you use a typical homebrewing machine, you're never going to get good coffee. Homebrewing machines use water.

That's only one hundred and seventy five degrees Fahrenheit. It's not hot enough to get proper extraction and then use a paper filter and you get coffee. That's always inferior.

So what people normally do is they'll boil water, let it sit for 30 seconds to let the temperature drop from two 12 down to about two hundred and five down maybe two hundred degrees. And then you take that and you use it to bring your coffee. In fact, I use a digital temperature controller. You can buy special kettles with this built in. This is a piece of laboratory equipment because, well, I'm in a coffee lab and you can see I've got about one hundred and ninety eight degrees here.

And when you're roasting darker coffee, you get a more fragile and more porous coffee bean.

And that means that you want to be able to brew it at more around one hundred and ninety, five hundred and ninety six degrees. So for these darker roasts, I like one ninety five. I've set the temperature controller here to be around one ninety five.

One ninety six for you or you have to do is boil the water and then let it sit for about a minute to a minute and a half before you brew your French press coffee. I've already added the beans here. My water is at the right temperature. I'm going to add three cups of water.

I know that's three cups because there's markings inside the French press and now the important thing. I'm going to start a stopwatch. It takes four minutes for normal coffee in the French press, but because we're dealing with a darker roast, you might want to add 30 extra seconds to get more of the flavour out, because I mentioned the beans are less dense because they've been more roasted.

So to get more of the flavour out, a little bit of extra time can make a huge difference. The other thing you really want to do, add about 10, maybe even 20 percent more coffee than you would normally use with a lighter roast in order to get the flavour you want. The other thing that makes a huge difference when you're doing this, there's a huge debate in the coffee community. Honestly, it doesn't matter that much about do you break the crust on your French press and what happened here.

So when you add the hot water, the coffee floats to the top and forms the crust. My answer is yes. I like to break the crust. I stir it a few times so the coffee has a chance to settle to the bottom. I couldn't do that right now. You don't want to abuse the coffee and you don't want to shred it, so I'm just going to stir it until coffee has a chance to settle to the bottom, which is which is really nice.

There is a difference in flavour. You get less extraction if you leave the coffee on top. If you abuse the coffee by stirring it really aggressively for a long time, you'll get too much extraction. You'll get bitter oils in it.

And using your phone as a stopwatch is a really good idea. Most people make French press slosh the water in there. Look at it. Wait 30 seconds. Go. I really want my coffee and then they drink it and they're not getting the flavour they could possibly get. The other thing that's going to make a huge difference for you after your coffee is brewed for four and a half minutes and this coffee is almost ready to be pressed, you want to drink your coffee in smaller doses.

And I'll explain that for you in a second.

Serving Bulletproof Coffee from Beans

Once I grab a cup, it's been four and a half minutes. I used about half a cup of ground coffee for three cups of water. This might be more than you'd expect. You normally want to do about two tablespoons of coffee for six to eight ounces of water. We were taught during World War Two to like weak coffee so the coffee companies could extend the supply. But it tastes a lot better. If you use more coffee, you'll see the difference right away.

It's one of the simplest things you can do to improve your cup. So I'm going to do here is press out. The coffee here. This is a special double filter press, which is kind of cool because it will actually micro filter the coffee so you never get any of the grounds that would come through in a normal French press. It also means you have to press pretty hard. One thing, if you press your coffee all the way down in the French press, it'll oftentimes leak around the edges so you don't have to plunge it really hard.

The way I just did, I was just pushing the micro filter through and instead of pouring a full cup of coffee the way I normally would. I'm going to pour half a cup of coffee, and the reason here is that in this insulated press, it's sealed, there's no oxygen getting into it, and this coffee is going to stay fresh. If I leave it percolating for too long sitting in there, it'll be a problem. I could decant it if I wanted to.

But if I have a choice between putting the coffee on this cup or leaving someone here, I'm going to pour it out of here later.

And it's going to taste better because with a medium roast coffee like the normal bullet proof original roast, the flavour evolves in the cup over time with a darker roast.

You get lots of bold chocolate notes, but over time the flavour degrades. So drink a half a cup of coffee, refill and drink another half a cup of coffee. It's going to be really good. You can take this coffee and you can blend the right amount of it in with your brain octane oil. You can blend in with your grass fed butter the way you do to make official bulletproof coffee. We've optimized this roast and we've tasted it and we've tested it specifically with brain octane and butter.

Making a Bulletproof coffee taste good from bean to cup

So it tastes right. A lot of darker roasts taste awful when you put butter and brain octane in them. And that's because those bitter oils come through in a way that makes you go. I've had some really unpleasant experiences during the testing process where we try it. It tastes really good in a cup and then we try it with butter. It's like, oh, that's not right. So this stuff tastes really, really smooth and creamy without the bitterness that comes from the wrong brew or from the wrong roast.

And it's smooth, it's bold, it's chocolaty. It smells right, like this is a really good cup of coffee and this is how you brew it is how a French press works, it's that straightforward.

So to recap this for you, keep your dark roast in an airtight container. The bulletproof container is designed specifically to pull the oxygen away so you don't lose freshness. You want to brew it as slightly lower temperature around one five oil, the water. Let it sit for a minute and a half. You're good to go and drink it. A half a cup at a time. You can blend it all with your butter and coffee, but keep it in a carafe and then just pour yourself the right amount and enjoy dark roast, have very different flavor profiles.

You'll still feel good because these are bulletproof process beans. They do not have the mold toxins. They are not fermented. We put in infrastructure in Colombia and Guatemala for you so that you can have that clean, amazing feeling that comes from coffee without all the other stuff in it.




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Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Beans UK (whole bean) – 340g
Bulletproof Coffee Whole Bean
Bulletproof Coffee Whole Bean
Keto Jim
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  • Ideal for Bulletproof Coffee
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    + PROS: Awesome taste Fungus free Perfect for BulletProof Coffee
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