Fasting Salts from Nutri Align

Fasting Salts are a blend of electrolytes created for those either fasting or on the keto diet. Both fasting and being in ketosis puts a need to gain more electrolytes, for fasting because you are not getting these from food, and for ketosis because you expel more electrolytes than the diet tends to replace.

Fasting and being in ketosis put a need to gain more electrolytes. We had previously created separate products for each of these two conditions, and had requests to combine them into one. We are happy to announce that we now have combined the two previous products into a new product for fasting and ketosis – Fasting Salts from Nutri Align!


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Fasting Salts from Nutri Align
Fasting Salts from Nutri Align



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Fasting Salts from Nutri Align are complete supplementation for fasting – they contain all the vital ingredients that the body needs during a fast. Fasting salts are a salts and electrolyte replacement that can be taken in a capsule to help replenish minerals and salts lost by the body while fasting, dieting or keto. They can also be used individually for those who fast frequently or perform heavy exercise.

What are Fasting Salts?

Fasting Salts from Nutri Align are a blend of electrolytes created for those either fasting or on the keto diet. Both fasting and being in ketosis puts a need to gain more electrolytes, for fasting because you are not getting these from food, and for ketosis because you expel more electrolytes than the diet tends to replace.

Fasting and being on the keto diet both tend to make you lose a lot of electrolytes. Fasting as you’re not getting what you would from eating food while in ketosis you expel even more electrolytes than usual. This can lead to headaches, feeling weak or light headed, fatigue and muscle cramps— not to mention your body may not digest food as well making it harder to get the nutrients you normally get.

Intermittent fasting has been used for centuries as a way to get in touch with your body and reset your health. Its popularity has boomed over the last decade thanks to books by Dr. Jason Fung, among others. The truth is that if you want to improve your health and get the body you’ve always wanted, it’s important to get serious about your nutrition. Here at Nutri Align we use nutrition to accelerate health so you can live longer, healthier lives.

Why do I need more electrolytes? Because without them, dehydration, constipation and a variety of other side effects could occur, and you’ll find you’ll be less productive during fasting or on the ketosis diet. For example dehydration can lead to your muscles feeling sore as well as constipation, and being dehydrated can even lead to kidney stones because electrolytes help the kidneys flush out this excess salt.

Fasting Salts are the electrolytes needed for the Keto diet, intermittent fasting and extended fasting periods where there is either a higher requirement for electrolytes or where there is no food to source the get the minerals from.

Fasting Salts Benefits

Fasting Salts have many benefits for those on a restrictive diet, fasting or keto. To have the body run the way it should it needs fuel, water and minerals. We can get water on fasting, we have the fuel stored in the body, but we need the minerals and salts from somewhere. You will feel sluggish tired and un focused if you try and fast without minerals and salts. Fasting salts help your body through the fast. Adding minerals and salts can help you have more energy, clarity and focus through your fast. Being in a fasted states tends to deplete these important electrolytes.

Fasting salts are the perfect addition to any water fast. They give you all the necessary minerals and salts you need to have a fasting state of mind without using any starchy carbohydrates. They give you energy, improve cognition and make you feel ready to go

Fasting Salts increases energy, improves mental focus and concentration, stimulates the body’s natural tendency toward health and rejuvenation. It is a source of minerals from wholesome natural salt deposits in Utah. It will help you to have the energy and vitality to do your daily activity as well as the confidence that you are keeping your system perfectly alkaline while on your fast.

Fasting Salts Review

We have used Fasting Salts in both the fasting diets and the keto diets so we feel well placed to review them. these are by far my favourite low carb electrolytes for there simple user instructions and how well they make me feel when on keto or on a fast.

Fast can sometimes be difficult, which is why we created Fasting Salts. It takes the hard work out of fasting by making you feel full and satisfied without you having to eat during the times that you usually would. In fact, you will not need any other tea or supplement to fast like this! It’s so simple to use that anyone can do it. Our Fasting Salts review will tell you exactly how the product works and what’s inside of it for those who are interested in trying it for themselves.

Do you use fasting salts? Coleen has loved the health benefits of fasting but one thing that always bothered her was the leg cramps she would get. Seems like it was happening more and more often to her. Then she discovered fasting salts & now fasts with no leg cramps. We have used Fasting Salts in the Keto diet and on long and short fasts and simply love these for making us feel better. Our Fasting Salts Review shows how we love these for making us feel better when fasting. They are great and will make your fast more comfortable if you are short of potassium or magnesium.

Fasting salts are really useful to help with the Keto flu, which is a common complaint when coming off of a carb heavy diet. It can also be used for long and short fasts or water-only fasts. You can also use it as a pick me up or energy enhancer in your normal daily life. Fasting salts are herbs that are great for helping the body burn fat during fasting and for general detoxification of the body.

Fasting Salts Holland and Barrett

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  1. Darren J

    Fasting Salts from Nutri Align are simply amazing! I use them to help with the keto-flu during my fasts. It keeps me hydrated and my mind clear, and I don’t crave junk food. Fasting Salts from Nutri Align are also great for people who need to re-balance their electrolytes.

    + PROS: The feeling Relieves tiredness
    - CONS: Price
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