Hunter & Gather Liver Capsules 90

Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail Liver capsules harness the power of premium grass-fed Icelandic lamb and ancestral inspired seasoning blends, like our Butcher’s Blend. Butcher’s Blend is inspired by the history of nose-to-tail eating and culinary traditions around the world.


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Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail Liver Supplement is all-natural and a wholesome, sustainable source of omega-3's. This liver supplement provides a fully-researched dosage of 10 mg EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) per capsule, from Wild, Grass Fed Icelandic Lamb ancestors with no hormone or antibiotic use, that was fed off the land with no GMO feeds. This is the highest potency level on the market for the lowest price. A great source for all your omega requirements throughout the day.

Hunter & Gather Liver Capsules 90 - Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail answers the traditional dietician question of “Which Type of Liver is Best?” Liver has many vital nutritional qualities that aid health and wellness, but each type of liver has different benefits. For example, beef liver contains virtually no vitamins or minerals, while lamb liver is rich in Vitamin A and minerals such as iron and copper. However, there’s a unique source of health-benefiting nutrients that is fairly uncommon: wild game organ meats. All natural Icelandic liver is hand-harvested by a small family owned operation for optimum freshness, nutrition and taste. Hunter & Gather's freeze-dried Icelandic liver comes from lambs raised on open grass pastures, cut with native Icelandic herbal botanicals. Ingredients: raw freeze dried sliced lamb liver (85%), filtered water. Contains no added salt, sugars, or preservatives.

Nose to Tail eating has never been easier...or tastier! Wild Icelandic Lamb capsules freeze-dried at -122 degrees fahrenheit preserve the most delicate lamb parts (lamb liver) for maximum nutrition. Our 100% raw, grass-fed Iceland lambs grow naturally in the wild on 20+ year old virgin pastures. They are raised & finished entirely outdoors without any pharmaceuticals or byproducts ever grazing in the untouched Icelandic National Preserves & National Parks.

Your ancestors didn't get the chance to enjoy things like organ meats, pit cooking or grass fed products. But as we move into a lifestyle more attuned with our ancestral roots, it's important to incorporate these foods in your diet too! Hunter & Gather's Liver Capsules provide a super-concentrated, pure liver powder providing all the nutrition and benefits of organ meat with none of the stinkiness or flavor issues. Hunter & Gather's Liver is freeze dried into powder form and encapsulated for easy digestion and absorption. Our capsules meet strict Nordic Food Labeling Standards and are batch tested by 3rd party laboratories in Europe.

Hunter & Gather Liver Capsules bring you Longvida®, a new form of curcumin that has proven to be over 5 times more bio-available than regular curcumin. Longvida® is extracted from turmeric root and developed by Harvard Medical School as a potent, patented form of curcumin shown in clinical trials to be over 5 times more bioavailable than regular curcumin. Hunter & Gather Liver Capsules also contain vitamin A (beta carotene), Vitamin B6, vitamin E and selenium which are known for their anti-inflammatory activities.

Using ancestral wisdom and cutting edge nutrition, we have created these capsules to be easy to digest. They're made with pure, grass-fed Icelandic lamb livers cut into strips, dried at temperatures below 118°F, and gently freeze-dried at a low temperature, leaving in the majority of the natural nutrients. The liver is the most important organ organ in the body and is responsible for a variety of different functions including cleansing the blood, eliminating toxins and producing essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B12 and folic acid. Let's get back to basics: enjoy fresh foods & herbs whenever you can; cook again what we ate before industrialization (in a flash) to perfect their taste; try our gallbladder cleanse; work less and play more; get back in touch with your own instincts. These capsules come from our ethically sourced, grass-fed and humanely treated Icelandic sheep and are filled with the meat of the livers. These livers are excellent sources of Vitamins A and D. Lamb liver is an excellent source of Vitamins A and D, Vitamin B12, Iron, Folic Acid, and Biotin.

Our liver capsules are a whole food supplement that provide an easy way to add more of the vital nutrients from grass-fed lamb liver to your daily diet. Liver is an amazing superfood that has been part of nearly every culture on Earth for hundreds, if not thousands of years because it supports the body's many functions. Among its most important functions, liver provides detoxification support to the body by creating and secreting bile that helps us rid our bodies of toxic substances, a process called hepatic detoxification. Capsules are convenient and easy to take.

The use of liver dates back to ancient Egypt. Livers have been used in cooking, but also have been popular when applied as an internal remedy. Today it is still found in traditional remedies such as Ayurvedic medicine where the liver is believed to be a "key detoxifying organ" due to its role in neutralizing toxins.

Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail - 90 Liver Capsules Review

Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail - 90 Liver Capsules Review - 5 Star rating on Amazon - 2.2 Kg / 4.85 lbs of 100% real liver. We saw some good buzz about Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail - 90 Liver Capsules, so we wanted to check it out. Now that we've had a chance to try this supplement, here's our take on it.

The only thing you can get from your liver are the things it has processed. So by giving your liver a good cleansing and support, it will not only be a natural pain killer but also used to cleanse other unwanted toxins that could have built up in it. One good source of liver support is the Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail - 90 Liver Capsules which contain a few most important herbs. Read on for more!

Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail® — 90 Capsules - 100% NATURAL LIVER NUTRITION. Real, 100% Natural Liver with no preservatives, binders or fillers. Hunter and Gather Nose to Tail® is the ONLY real Liver product in capsule form! The capsules are vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Hunter & Gather Nose-to-Tail is a supplement for the modern person. It's perfect for those who are looking for food that tastes great and has no detrimental effects on the body.

To date I have bought four bottles of "Nose to Tail". While I have never been a fan of capsules and tablets, I really loved these. They are tasteless and easy to swallow. Also, it's helpful that there are 90 capsules per bottle. According to the manufacturer, these tablets contain only natural ingredients without preservatives and artificial coloring matter. Liver is an incredibly nutritious and powerful food. If you are looking to build muscle and boost your health, liver is one of the highest quality foods available to you. The problem is that most of us just can’t get past the taste of liver.

Hungry for the original? Hunter and Gather takes the ancestral approach to supplements. Our capsules are made from wild, grass fed Icelandic lamb; No synthetics or binders - just pure ingredients in their most natural form. Check out our full line. Hunter & Gather is an Icelandic, grass-fed raw ancestral inspired supplement brand.  Hunter & Gather is a small batch, artisanal supplement company. Each of our products is inspired by ancestral diets and recipes that are at least 7000 years old. Our products are the result of close collaboration with The Food Lover's Primal Palate mastermind

Based on our experience with the Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail - 90 Liver Capsules and taking into account the time and price factors, we can safely recommend the Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail - 90 Liver Capsules Dietary Supplements as a quality dietary supplement.

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Hunter & Gather Nose to Tail - 90 Liver Capsules | Wild, Grass Fed Icelandic Lamb Ancestral Inspired Supplements| Raw Freeze-Dried Lamb | No GMO Feeds, Antibiotics Or Hormones (Liver & Heart)

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  • ‍⚕‍ OPTIMAL FUNCTION FOR THE LIVER & HEART - Our Nose to Tail Perform Capsules are great for those with a busy lifestyle who seek nutrient density without the fuss for those who wish to maintain both good liver health and seek the benefits of wild-harvested adaptogen botanicals.
  • 100% GRASS FED FREEZE-DRIED LAMB LIVER & HEART PILLS (NOT BEEF ORGANS) – These capsules contain only REGENERATIVELY raised grass-fed, wild roaming Icelandic lamb liver & heart – Absolutely no GMO feeds, antibiotics or hormones
  • ⚗️ NO ADDED NASTIES - Absolutely no GMO feeds, antibiotics or hormones – Our capsules are always free from sugar, grain & seed/veg oil - Rejuvenate, strengthen, and cleanse the body in a healthy and safe way
  • Highly Bioavailable And Natural Source Of Coq10, Vitamin A, B12, Riboflavin, Copper, And Various Other Vitamins In Synergistic Forms
  • NUTRIENT-RICH: Eating animal foods nose to tail (organs and muscle meat) provides us with ALL of the nutrients we need to thrive in the most bioavailable forms and proper ratios. Recommended as an integral part of a nose-to-tail keto or carnivore diet by Paul Saladino, MD (author of The Carnivore Code)

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