Keto Hana Raspberry Keto Granola 300g

Keto Hana Raspberry Keto Granola is a delicious and nutritious plant based, keto, vegan and gluten free breakfast cereal which takes just three minutes to prepare with water. It’s bursting with antioxidants like anthocyanins which are naturally found in raspberries, to help protect cells from oxidative damage.

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Keto Hana Raspberry Keto Granola is a delicious and nutritious breakfast cereal, bursting with raspberry goodness. At 2g net carbs per serving it allows you to stay in ketosis while promoting satiety – all the while feeling guilt-free. It’s so finely milled it feels like cereal, but without the carbs that cause cravings and weight gain associated with many breakfast cereals on the market. It not only helps maintain a healthy weight, but also improves mental clarity and stabilises blood sugar levels, preventing you from the mid-morning energy slump.

Eat like a keto granola with our Keto Hana Raspberry Keto Granola. This granola is low carb, high fat and gluten free with no added sugar, preservatives or any unhealthy ingredients that you find in our traditional supermarket varieties. With its superfood oregano flavour and rich raspberry taste, it dissolves straight onto your tongue providing an instant boost of energy and freshening up your breath at the same time. Made from 8 natural ingredients including chia seeds and raspberries, we go further to list all the ingredients on the front of our packaging so there’s no faffing about trying to pronounce what’s in yours but even if you did.

Packed with flavor and super low in carbs, our Keto Hana Raspberry Keto Granola is all you’ll need to start your day. It’s perfect as a delicious breakfast that isn’t just great on its own but also a perfect addition to smoothies or sprinkled over yoghurt. We think you won’t believe our granola has only 2g net carbs per serving!

Keto Hana Raspberry Keto granola is an easy way to get to your daily 30g net carb target. The 8 ingredients we’ve picked in big capital letters, right on the front of our pouches, will help you achieve your goals in a simple and natural way. The buttery keto granola will keep you fuller for longer and best of all you won’t have to worry about counting calories or macro-nutrients since is it keto, vegan, paleo, low-carb and low-fat – this simply means you’ll stay full for longer with less calories. Eat it like the granola it is: with yoghurt or milk; in smoothies; crumbled over ice cream or pancakes; as topping for muesli or yogurt. See our page for more inspiring recipes:

Keto Hana Raspberry Keto Granola Review

Keto Hana Raspberry Keto Granola Review: Keto Hana Raspberry Keto Granola Low-Carb Plant Based Vegan Grain Free High Fat Healthy Eating Made With Love Keto Diet – 300g.

Say hello to a truly delicious yet simple breakfast and snack – Keto Hana Raspberry Keto Granola. With only 2g Net Carbs and 775kcals this tasty granola is packed with everything you need to keep you going strong throughout the day without compromising on flavour. We’ve seriously cut the carbs but not the taste! Crunchy, sweet & savoury granola bursting with goodness – the perfect keto vegan substitute for your cereal bowls.

It’s an amazing granola with the taste of raspberry. But it’s also a starting point for you to mix and match ingredients that you love. KetoHana Raspberry Keto Granola is just 2g net carbs per delicious portion (that’s a 30g serving) and is gluten free, dairy free, highly nutritious and it has no refined sugars or preservatives. Plus, it might just be the best breakfast cereal out there.

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