Lean Caffeine Mycotoxin Free Nicaragua Ground Coffee

Lean Caffeine Nicaragua Ground Coffee | Super clean mycotoxin free Bulletproof coffee | Dark roasted, low acid keto coffee. LeanCoffee produces daily and supplemental products that offer healthier and more efficient ways to consume a healthy diet. We deeply care about our customers’ health and long term struggle with weight loss, food allergies, brain fog, fatigue and other health issues.


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Lean Caffeine Mycotoxin Free Nicaragua Ground Coffee
Lean Caffeine Mycotoxin Free Nicaragua Ground Coffee



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Mycotoxin Free Lean Caffeine Coffee with Super Clean is a 99.9% Bulletproof Coffee blend or the highest grade 100% Arabica coffee beans without the mycotoxins and mold toxins found in conventional coffee processing. This stuff is amazing and I love the way that it helps me to feel better and think clearer.

Last Amazon price update was: June 19, 2024 9:30 am
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com (Amazon.in, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Lean Caffeine Nicaragua Ground Coffee is prepared with only one ingredient: 100% pure Arabica coffee beans. With this assurance, the most important step of the process has already been taken. No additional ingredients have been necessary to bring the maximum flavour out of this coffee. When using this unique roasting process, there are many benefits and health properties that will be provided our customers.

Mycotoxin Free Lean Caffeine Coffee is an optimal Bullet Proof Coffee. It is clean, bright, and rich with a perfect roast level. Mycotoxin Free lean contains no mold, fungus or toxins AND is produced in the world famous biological certified organic farm "Sembrador Sostenible" located at Nicaragua. This coffee has been tested and verified by the Swiss HPLC allergy lab to be free of mycotoxins, pesticides and herbicides. It also tests at nearly 0 PPM in its heavy metal analysis.  Did you know a single cup of coffee can contain over 1,000 chemicals? Mycotoxin Free lean ground coffee uses only high quality Arabica beans, with 100% mycotoxin free methods and the latest in food processing technology in order to eliminate the following:

Lean Caffeine Nicaragua Ground Coffee | Super Clean Mycotoxin Free Bulletproof Coffee...
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In the Bulletproof Diet, low-toxin coffee is a must. But it can be hard to find mycotoxin free beans that taste great. We make single origin coffee blend from high quality beans that are combined with other great tasting beans from different regions of Nicaragua. This is an extremely clean coffee with very low acidity and no bitterness. The smoothest ground coffee in the world, blended and roasted with Bulletproof Coffee to preserve the maximum amount of good stuff and eliminate mycotoxins. Our blends are made from 100% AAA beans, and 99% of the flavour is extracted in our filter roasting method. Delicious when used as a daily cup of coffee, but also amazing for your occasional indulgence. Lab tested for zero mycotoxins.

The vast array of toxins, mycotoxins and heavy metals in our food and water sources can create havoc on the body's ability to metabolize fat. We designed this clean-tasting coffee for individuals who are looking for a highly functional and potent boosting beverage. Mycotoxin Free Bulletproof Coffee | The dark side of coffee gets some light shined on it. Toxins in coffee can kill your fat burning body. Decaffeinated coffee is the 4th largest crop in the world. There are thousands of chemicals used to decaffeinate coffee, some damaging to health. Did you know that after 3 days of roasting that most of the oils in coffee beans go rancid and turn into mold toxin? Did you know that regular non-organic coffee contains up to 200 different pesticides? Did you know that all plants like coffee beans begin to grow mold as soon as they are picked? This video will show you how to avoid mold toxins and get CLEAN LIVING ingredients from your coffee bean supply. There are many other clean living ways to get around this world, but this video example is about Coffee specifically.

Mycotoxins are a 'silent killer' that is often overlooked despite their prevalence. Mycotoxin-free coffee is typically hard to obtain. We offer some of the cleanest mycotoxin-free coffee on the market from our unique growers and co-packing facility.

Lean Caffeine Ground Coffee

Lean Caffeine Ground Coffee: The healthy coffee alternative that uses only the highest quality all natural ingredients, and is low in calories and fat. Lean is a ready-to-drink caffeinated beverage that delivers caffeine without the crash associated with traditional energy drinks or products containing caffeine. Lose weight and increase energy without compromising your health.

Experience the ultimate energy boost of Lean Caffeine Ground Coffee. Each ground coffee package is specifically designed to be mixed with water to create a 16 ounce cup that features a smooth, flavourful taste. With 10 grams of caffeine, this product is high in key ingredients and nutrients, as well as antioxidants that ensure your body functions at optimal levels and doesn't become sluggish over time. To have a highly effective day, allow Lean Caffeine to help take you there. This ground coffee is made with a blend of robusta and Arabica beans that are precision roasted to deliver the best flavour possible. The caffeine content in this product will help to give you exactly the boost that you need. Just two ounces of this ground coffee in your morning cup will help to increase your energy levels and aid in weight management.

Mycotoxin Free Nicaragua Ground Coffee

Mycotoxin Free Nicaragua Ground Coffee: SUPER CLEAN COFFEE - We aim to make the cleanest mould free coffee possible, that's why our premium bulletproof ground coffee is lab verified; pesticide, heavy metal and mould toxin (mycotoxin) free. Feel assured when you wake to that fresh hot cuppa, that it contains only the deepest, delicious keto coffee. Why not try our 908g bag for an extra 25% saving to help you start the day the right way! We aim to make the cleanest coffee possible, that's why our premium bulletproof ground coffee is lab verified; pesticide, heavy metal and mould toxin (mycotoxin) free. Feel assured when you wake to that fresh hot cuppa, that it contains only the deepest, delicious keto coffee.

Lean Caffeine Coffee - Low Mould Coffee

Clean coffee is a serious matter for those of us that are getting away from the standard high carb diet and into keto. Mycotoxins found in non-clean coffee can cause all sorts of gastrointestinal issues and impaired neurological function, so make sure your coffee is clean with our premium MYCOTOXIN FREE ground coffee. The Mycotoxin Free Nicaragua Coffee is grown in the Mariposa region of Nueva Segovia, South West of Nicaragua. When they are grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides or fungicides, the beans have no toxic substances called mycotoxins and therefore are generally cleaner and tastier. Our coffee beans are tested through a series of lab tests including Heavy Metals Testing, Microbiological screening (bacterial and fungal testing), Pesticide residue testing and lastly a mould toxin test which takes into account mycotoxins such as aflatoxin and ochratoxin.

Clean coffee? What does that really mean? It means that every single bean was analysed under a microscope for a lab certified for mycotoxins. Pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals were also tested to make sure there were no amounts above miniums set by the World Health Organization. Our focus is on heavy metal and Mycotoxin contaminants in coffee beans. High levels of these toxic chemicals are present in our food supply and can lead to some of the most common diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. They also have a negative effect on our digestive system leading to bloating, gas & other unpleasant symptoms. You will enjoy clean coffee free of toxins with each cup of Bulletproof Coffee you make.

Lean Caffeine Coffee - About Lean Caffeine Coffee

LeanCaffeine Coffee is a pioneering coffee brand that has revolutionized the coffee industry in the UK. With a strong commitment to quality and health, Lean Caffeine Coffee offers a unique selection of clean and mold-free coffee that caters to both coffee connoisseurs and health-conscious individuals.

Clean and Mold-Free Coffee

At Lean Caffeine Coffee, quality is paramount. They go above and beyond to provide coffee enthusiasts with a product that is not only delicious but also free from harmful contaminants. Their coffee beans undergo rigorous testing and meticulous sourcing to ensure they are clean and mold-free. This commitment to purity sets Lean Caffeine Coffee apart in an industry where quality can often be compromised.

Lean Caffeine Coffee vs. Regular Coffee

Aspect Lean Caffeine Coffee Regular Coffee
Quality Clean, mold-free beans Varies, potential contaminants
Health Focus Emphasis on well-being Traditional options
Sourcing Standards Rigorous sourcing & testing Standard sourcing practices
Taste Experience Rich flavour & purity Standard taste profile

Key Benefits of Lean Caffeine Coffee:

  • Premium Quality: Lean Caffeine Coffee ensures a premium coffee experience by offering beans that are free from mold and contaminants.
  • Health Focus: With a growing emphasis on health, Lean Caffeine Coffee caters to those who prioritize well-being without compromising on taste.
  • Transparency: The brand's commitment to rigorous sourcing and testing practices demonstrates their dedication to transparency and quality assurance.
  • Delicious Taste: Lean Caffeine Coffee understands that great coffee is more than just a health-consciouflavos choice—it's an indulgent pleasure. Their coffee offers a rich and flavourful taste experience.

Summary: Elevate Your Coffee Ritual with Lean Caffeine Coffee

Lean Caffeine Coffee stands as a testament to the fact that coffee can be both a delightful treat and a health-conscious choice. By offering clean and mold-free coffee options, Lean Caffeine Coffee redefines what premium coffee means. Their meticulous sourcing, testing standards, and commitment to transparency set them apart in the industry. With Lean Caffeine Coffee, your daily cup of java becomes an elevated experience that brings together taste, health, and quality in every sip.

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  1. Dave M

    I love lean caffeine, one of the best tasting clean coffee brands available

    + PROS: Great for bulletproof and fat coffees Really smooth
    - CONS: Always a little pricey
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