Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate – 72% Cocoa

Rawmio’s chocolate is made with antioxidant-rich superfoods, easily digestible plant-based alternatives to sugar, and enzymes with wellness benefits. Because your health is essential. We use heirloom cacao that is carefully processed to support the natural nutrients and fibre that help you feel good after eating it. We believe sugar should be something you treat yourself to, not an ingredient you add to your food. That’s why our sugar alternatives are plant-based and 100% clean label compliant.

RAWMIO is an easy-to-swallow chocolate bar that provides the benefits of a high-fat, low carb diet in an Organic RAW Food Bar. By providing your body with ketogenic fuel, you can power your day without the crash of processed sugar.

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Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate – 72% Cocoa
Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate – 72% Cocoa


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Say hello to the healthiest, cleanest keto chocolate bar ever created! At Rawmio we believe true health comes from real ingredients and natural whole foods. That’s why we created an organic raw vegan keto chocolate bar made with the best superfoods available. Our organic raw keto chocolate bar uses high quality plant-based ingredients that taste delicious and are good for you too! I don’t know about you, but I tend to put chocolate up on a pedestal. I mean, who doesn’t? I mean, it took them at least three thousand years to come up with the stuff. And when it comes to making chocolate, let me tell you that it takes a lot of effort. There is THC Champagne, marijuana-infused chocolates and every imaginable kind of edible out there. Heck, I’m even making some myself! But when I saw Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate bars for the first time, my first thought was “what IS Keto?”  Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate is perfect for anyone that’s looking to get into the ketogenic diet or is already following it. Our keto chocolate is an excellent source of healthy fats, without sacrificing flavour.
You might already know that I’m am vegan and an advocate for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. My aim is to create delicious, nutritious, high quality products without any artificial ingredients.  I am proud to say that Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate has been approved by the Vegan Society; a self-regulatory authority on all things plant-based. This means that we have undergone a strict audit of our business operations and the Rawmio blend does not contain animal products of any kind.
We’re on a mission to make the world feel good through better chocolate. As a leading raw, organic kitchen, we’ve focused our past efforts on naturally sweetening chocolate with dried fruit and superfoods. But with the rise of keto, we couldn’t leave out those sweet tooths that are craving something a little darker. So we made something super special just for you: Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate! Who says you have to give up your healthy diet when embarking on the ketogenic lifestyle? In fact, keto can be an incredibly nourishing and anti-inflammatory diet. We want you to feel your best while enjoying this way of eating (and we promise it won’t make you break out)! You don’t have to compromise flavor for health. That’s what we set out to create at Rawmio – Organic Raw Keto Chocolate.
With only 3g net carbs this is the ultimate keto chocolate bar.
With a 72% cocoa purity, the rich, natural flavour of the Rawmio Keto Chocolate Bar was created to support your keto diet. Featuring easy-to-digest raw, heirloom cacao; our blend of clean, plant-based sweeteners; and 6 botanical vegan enzymes to support optimal digestion.
A next-level raw chocolate bar that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a ketogenic diet. A blend of 6 botanical enzymes, created through a proprietary fermentation process, and cold fermentation support your body’s natural digestion of sugar and carbs for improved health and wellness.
You deserve an indulgence that’s actually good for you. Made with only the best ingredients, including heirloom cacao and plant-based sugar alternatives like monk fruit, Rawmio is a delicious blend of clean healthy ingredients with a zero-glycaemic impact.

Raw Peruvian Cacao Nibs°, Sweetened Yacon Cacao Nibs°, Raw Cacao Butter°, Monk Fruit Infused Erythritol°, Vanilla Bean°, Digestive Enzymes°

°Certified Organic”

Rawmio Keto Chocolate Review

Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate contains three unique blends of organic and natural raw cacao superfoods.

Just like its name, Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate is a healthy, keto-friendly and legit alternative to your regular chocolate bars. Yes, because it is made from organic and raw ingredients (hence the name), it is free of any preservative or artificial sugar. They are also gluten-free and dairy-free. In fact, all of the products that you are going to find in their line are completely organic for those who have this habit of eating only foods that are all-natural and good for the body. You can get creative with these bars either by using it as a topping for salads or smoothies, or chewing on them directly as long as you are okay with the “earthy” taste.

Rawmio’s Organic Raw Keto Chocolate is very rich with raw cacao butter and organic cocao powder. This bar contains 15g of fat, 5g of which is beneficial saturated fat. The 90% dark chocolate is also known to contain substantial amounts of antioxidants and high levels of flavonoids, which fight free radicals that can cause damage in your body. In addition, its antioxidant-rich content makes raw chocolate more effective at fighting disease, and least likely to produce any side effects. Eat healthy and feel great by starting your day with delicious organic ketogenic coffee. Rawmio Organic Keto Choco is an excellent choice for anyone that has been looking to shed a few pounds or get into shape. As most of us know, eating junk and greasy food over an extended period of time can have some serious consequences not only on the body but on ones mood as well.

Good taste does not have to be bad for you. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply want to eat more healthily, incorporating Rawmio Chocolate into your life can boost your health and well-being—and satisfy your cravings. Our high-quality raw cacao and organic ingredients create a truly special treat that’s also nutritional dense! I really like chocolate, but I also like the way it makes me feel after I eat it. This is why I wanted to share a product that helps to curb my cravings and keep me in ketosis. Rawmio Organic Raw Keto Chocolate bars have kept me going through my first 100 days of a low-carb diet.

Chocolate lovers rejoice! You can enjoy a piece of chocolate every day and still lose weight. Organic Rawmio’s 80% organic raw avocado chocolate is full of healthy fats and nutrients to help you kick-start your ketogenic diet. Conveniently packaged in 25, 50, or 100 calorie snack packs, our chocolate is the perfect healthy snack solution.

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