Vivoo Keto Test Strips with App

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Vivoo 2.0 is an at-home urine test that allows you to track 11 key wellness parameters based on your urine — then translates them into actionable nutrition and lifestyle advice specific to your body. Vivoo tracks all of the important health markers to offer a complete snapshot of your current state of health, including: Nutritional deficiency Stress, mood and sleep quality Fatigue Allergies Alcohol consumption Over-the-counter (OTC) medicine consumption Toxic exposure Weight management Vivoo uses high definition color codes to communicate your results quickly, visually and clearly. The Vivoo app provides personalized coaching and expert suggestions based on your test results, with suggestions made just for you based on your unique health history. Vivoo makes tracking and taking control of your health easy by providing test strips specific to each person plus the support needed to make the right changes.

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Vivoo Keto Test Strips with App
Vivoo Keto Test Strips with App


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Vivoo Advanced Urine Analysis Kit - the only urine test strips with App. Track your health effectively, follow your nutrition properly and control your well-being. 6 months/24 tests in one pack. 5 key analytes: Ketone, Hydration, Ph balance, Infection and Kidney function with free custom App. Test at home yourself - reliable results in just 2 minutes. Shop smart and make informed decisions on everything from which foods to eat, what is the best exercise regime for you or which disease you may suffer from.

Vivoo Urinalysis App Strip tests gives you the most complete picture of your health, more so than common urine strips, to quickly test Nitrogen, Ph Balance, Infection of 10 different diseases (Kidney Infections, Diabetes etc), Keto Body levels and a wide range of both toxic and normal parameters related to health. Our in-house nutritionist team provides you with profile pictures along with an analysis and a range of articles on what could be impacting your health or what could help it. Vivoo Analyze is the world's first complete urine analysis test. We give you insights that no-one else can, simply by running a strip in your urine.

Vivoo is a portable, self-testing system for measuring and tracking the health of your urine - straight from the comfort of your home. These capsules contain powerful testing strips that reveal vital information about your health by analysing properties in your urine like blood glucose and ketones. The Vivoo app provides a detailed breakdown of the results, so you can make better decisions about what you eat and drink. This unique home testing device can be used to monitor a wide range of health concerns that are not detectable by standard urine tests. With these easy-to-use oral test strips and an app to assist in the interpretation of results, Vivoo makes it easy to monitor and improve your health.

Vivoo Urine Test

Vivoo’s advanced home urinalysis strips let you get your urinalysis results in just two minutes. The Vivoo App then provides you with detailed information about your health, your kidney, liver and heart condition, even a check on your hydration and ph balance. Vivoo, the only urinalysis test strips in the world with an App - using your smartphone camera, automatically analyses your urine and gives you a detailed report. The longest home urine test Strips ever. And they're easy to use!

Vivoo Urinalysis Test Strips and Blood Glucose Test Strips are more than just strips that let you know your sugar/ketone levels – they also give extremely valuable information about the health of your kidneys, liver, and a whole lot more. With the free Vivoo APP, you can now easily monitor your health and keep everything in balance, allowing you to focus on living your best life.

Vivoo urine test strips can be used to test:
– Kidney Health
– Liver Health
– WBC count (influenced by an immune response)
– pH level (pH on a scale of 0-14, measures your body’s acid/alkaline balance, with 7 being neutral)

Vivoo provides easy-to-use and affordable mobile urinalysis test strips that give you a complete overview of your health. See how you are improving your water balance and our regular urine test strips will help you to reduce the risks for certain diseases like cancer, diabetes, kidney problems and even depression and infertility. Your wellbeing has become much easier! Our home urine test strips and keto strips are a drug free solution to monitor your health. The urine testing strips will analyze and interpret your urine in less than 2 minutes with accuracy, precision and ease! You get the detailed interpretation right on your mobile at a fraction of professional lab costs! Use it for:

Vivoo Reviews

Vivoo urine test review: what it is, how does it work and can you trust it?

If you’ve heard of Vivoo, you may be wondering what it is, how it works, and whether or not it’s the right health test for you. It’s a good idea to do some research before committing to the test so you can ensure you’re making a decision that respects your privacy and ensures the product is safe for your body.

As a mom, I’m always looking for ways to lead by example and provide the healthiest lifestyle possible to my family. And that’s just not possible if we don’t know what’s going on with our own bodies. When I was offered the opportunity to try out a new at-home urine test called Vivoo, I jumped right on it! We had just been given an antibiotic (for a staph infection) and I was getting nervous about what other antibiotics we might be given in the future. Antibiotics are known to completely wipe out your healthy bacteria that fight sickness, which would prove detrimental. This is when Vivoo came into play . . .

Since I’ve had more questions about Vivoo then any other product, I created this comprehensive Vivoo review that covers all the details you need to know about it.
There are a lot of health trends and new products that have become popular in the United States, but most of them haven’t taken hold in countries outside of North America. Health issues like diabetes and kidney disease have taken root in countries like Chile and Peru, but the problem is too often ignored.

The Vivoo urine test kit is a simple way to see what’s going on inside your body. As an avid fan of at-home medical tests, I was excited to try this product. I’ll walk you through everything that comes with the kit, how it works, and whether or not I would recommend it to others! Vivoo review
There are a lot of different home testing kits on the market today and Vivoo is one of them. As you probably know, with most kinds of home testing kits, you need to not only buy the test but also subscribe to it on a regular basis in order for it to be accurate. With some tests, you have to subscribe every month and others might require you to pay for a test every week! That’s the case with the Vivoo urine test kit

What is the Vivoo test?
If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with how your body and health are doing, learning about what’s happening on the inside, there are many available test kits for vitamins and minerals , as well as urine tests . These kind of tests can tell you whether or not you’re deficient in a specific vitamin or mineral.

Vivoo is a wireless urine test kit that enables you to easily access the most important health information about your body, based on what’s normal for you and how you can improve it. The Results, which are unique to your body and affected by
1. Your diet,
2. Your current state of health
3. Your lifestyle – or lack thereof,
are presented to you in an easy-to-understand format. You download them to your electronic device and

Vivoo Test Strips

Vivoo is the first urine analysis test strips designed to work with your smartphone to help you take control of your individual health. Vivoo test strips measure 12 different biomarkers, including Sodium, Potassium, Vitamin D, Bilirubin and Urobilinogen. Each Vivoo test strip delivers information about your body’s most important hydration biomarker quality and gives you instant access to a detailed analysis on the Vivoo app simply by adding a drop of urine onto the single-use paper strip.

Vivoo Lab Test Strips - the only home health test which can measure your pH, ketones, hydration and nutrition all in one. Take a simple pee test with our urinalysis testing kit to track your well-being. You’ll know if it’s time to boost your nutrition or make lifestyle changes. Vivoo Urinalysis Strips App is the most advanced urine test strips, with the part of your phone to analyse your health in 1-2 minutes. You do not have to go to a lab, give blood or take a sample you can simply pee on the strip and answer questions about your health. What are the benefits? - You get to know yourself better and improve your wellbeing - Never worry if it's dangerous to drink alcohol again,.

Vivoo, the next generation in bladder wellness solution brings a truly intelligent at-home urine test strip that delivers actionable, health insights. Vivoo has a Beta version available now and the final version is slated to launch soon.
1. Discover your personal nutrition and lifestyle needs to maintain proper health and vitality;
2. Recommend exact foods, nutrition supplements such as multi-vitamins and more;
3. Only recommend items with expert backing;
4. Gain access to custom

The Vivoo urinalysis test strips app is an innovative new way to get a more detailed overview of your health. It accurately tells you about your kidney and liver function, the ph-level of your blood and the salt content of your urine. It identifies infections in your body and helps you measure your daily fluid intake, adding four vital nutrients to the information you already have about your health: How well are you feeding yourself?

Available in packets of 24 or 6-month subscriptions, these color-coded ketone and urine strips provide you with a fast and easy way to test your urine to check for the presence of healthy ketones. By testing your urine with Vivoo's urine strip test, you can quickly and easily track your body's ketone levels to help you stick to a target fat-burning zone. The easy-to-read strips could help to prevent harmful blood pH levels and reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and gout – plus, it could also detect infections or food poisoning. With the use of the Vivoo app, you can send your results directly to your health care provider.

Vivoo vs Vessel

Vivoo and Vessel address the same need and have many overlapping features. Both apps offer testing for Ph, ketones, urine and blood sugar levels, hydration, kidney and liver function, and blood oxygen level. The major difference in the two test strips (Vivoo and Vessel) is that Vivoo does not have tests for Biotin or Cortisol. Both Vessel and Vivoo provide tests for Urinary Ketone (Vessel) and PH (Vivoo), however the key differences between the two products are that Vessel includes tests for Biotin (a B vitamin) and Cortisol, while Vivoo does not.

Both Vessel and Vivoo provide tests for Urinary Ketone (Vessel) and PH (Vivoo), however the key differences between the two products are that Vessel includes tests for Biotin (a B vitamin) and Cortisol, while Vivoo does not. These are both lateral flow tests, compared to the color metric tests that Vivoo works on. Vivoo and Vessel are similar in the concept of product design and both provide consumers with timely information about their health. While primarily functioning as a glucose monitoring system, Vivoo also has the ability to test PH and Urinary Ketone. Both Vessel and Vivoo are designed in an identical manner with clear labeling of "PH" or "ketone" on the front of their boxes.

If you take a look at the Vivoo test strip and compare it to Vessel, you might throw away the Vivoo strip immediately. The small size makes it look like it's not going to work, but don't be deceived. I was skeptical too, so when I got my hands on some for review, I put them to the test.

Vivoo and Vessel represent the major differences in convenient, at-home urine testing for critical markers. The Vivoo test measures up to 11 critical markers in urine (including glucose, urea, creatinine, protein, glomerular filtration rate (GFR), urine pH, parathyroid hormone (PTH), nitrate/nitrite, thyroid hormones T3/T4), and quickly generates a snapshot of kidney and liver function.

  • Vivoo (lower cost) and Vessel (more information)
  • Colour Metric Tests
  • Both of these apps follow a similar meter strip that has been used for decades in home pregnancy tests. The key distinction is the standardization of data vs useful information to the individual.

Vivoo, a pee test strip, is a tool for testing the health of your urinary tract. The test is easy and simple to use, and works on a color metric scale to tell you what outcome it measures and how severely that measurement indicates a change in condition. Each kit comes with strips and instructions to collect your sample, and send in the sample to receive your results.


The primary difference between Vessel and Vivoo is that they test for different things. Vessel tests for urinary ketones and PH levels, while Vivoo conducts color-metric tests for both PH and several other aspects of the urine that may be a cause for concern.

Vivoo Wellness Test

Vivoo Wellness Test, the ultimate in At-Home Urine Test Strips combines consumer and clinical test results with wearable technology to generate specific feedback on various wellness parameters and actions to optimize health and wellness. Vivoo switched its name to Vivoo Wellness Test, reflecting the company's focus on collecting, managing and analyzing test data through its software platform. Vivoo will combine the latest wearable technology with big data analytics to build a complete solution that can help consumers take action on their health. It will be available as a service in late summer of 2016. The Vivoo 2.0 experience is powered by big data analytics and wearable technology to generate a wealth of information when combined with an at-home urine test strip. Vivoo is an at home urine test strip that generates accurate and useful data. This helps make informed decisions about your health, diet and stress levels. It's easy to use at home with no hassles or restrictions. Our platform provides you with the tools you need to improve your wellness.

We believe health is everybody’s business. That’s why we developed the first ever portable and wireless test strips which can be used by anyone to monitor their urinary health at home in an easy and simple way. On the basis of these 24 result data, the Vivoo App will give you detailed information about your pH balance, your kidney health, your liver function and a number of other indicators such as hydration, nutrition and ketone presence in urine.

One of the first things you should know is that Vivoo's products (especially our at-home urine test strips) are available online . We're happy to sell our products online, but we also want to ensure you get a great deal. If you see a better price somewhere else, we'll match it. That's why I'm hanging out here (and not on the pricing page) — so ask me a question or tell me what you're looking for and I'll make sure we meet your needs.

With the launch of Vivoo 2.0, the traditional interpretation of urine test results changes dramatically, since Vivoo is able to bring additional clarity by making the information more meaningful. For example, if moderate blood sugar levels are indicated and accelerometer data from your wearable device shows that you recently went for a 20-minute walk, Vivoo will link both data points together to provide you with personalized feedback on what actions to take to improve your health. While Vivoo's first generation test has been proven as accurate and reliable, Vivoo 2.0 will be 10 times more effective in producing targeted results and helping people live healthier lives.

Vivoo is poised to provide consumers with a new paradigm for at-home urine test strips, allowing users to accurately test their urine or saliva and then provide specific, actionable feedback on what lifestyle changes need to be made. The new product is currently being beta tested and will soon be ready to bring to market .

Vivoo App Reviews

You buy urine testing strips, scan them using the app, and it gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your body’s progress. This Vivoo app review looks into how well the app delivers on its promises.

Vivoo is a home based at-home wellness app that promises expert advice on your body’s needs. You buy urine test strips that the app scans, to help you monitor different parameters about your body, mainly if you are in ketosis or burning fat effectively. With a strong track record of supporting their users and a brand new referral program, "vivoo" might be a solid solution for dieters and people struggling with different diseases or disorders.

Vivoo is an at-home wellness app that claims to provide you with expert lifestyle and nutritional advice based on your body’s needs. You buy urine testing strips for the app to scan, after which you can track different parameters about your body. You can upload a photo of the strip scan, then send it off to Vivoo’s experts who will review the results and recommend food or lifestyle improvements. In this Vivoo review we look into how well the app delivers on its promises!

Vivoo offers expert lifestyle and nutritional advice based on your body’s needs. The app encourages you to test your urine daily to monitor different measurements related to various parts of your body. Through this Vivoo review, we analyze how well the app delivers on its promises! The Vivoo app and urine test strips will help you access important information about your health. Our advanced system allows you to measure and record key health parameters, including blood pressure and body fat percentage over time. You can view a summary of previous results from the app. The Vivoo urine test strips make it easy to collect your urine sample and provide a wide range of health indicators using only ⅕ of a cup of urine or less. Find out what’s going on in your body by testing every 2 – 3 days:The Vivoo Urinalysis App features include: - Urine sugar, ketone, ph balance measurement - kidney function test - liver function test - urinary infections test - protein in your urine test - microalbuminuria + advanced functionality such as: - blood pressure measurement (systolic & diastolic) - fat % measurement (android 7 & up)


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