Whole Egg Powder 1KG & 3kg

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The Whole Egg Powder 1KG has rich source of proteins and minerals, has the best binding capacity and is recognized as one of the most effective egg ingredients. Long lasting scrambled eggs, Perfect for baking, desserts and more.


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Whole Egg Powder 1KG & 3kg
Whole Egg Powder 1KG & 3kg



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Our dried egg has been specially prepared by a unique and patented manufacturing process, in this process the water is removed from the whole egg to leave the egg yolk and egg white powder, our egg white powder is then filtered further to produce the super fine Egg White Powder. We can also provide a total dried whole egg powder which has had both the Egg yolk and the Egg White Powder combined and dried. Whole Egg Powder & Egg White Powder have many uses across food industries in a variety of applications, including but not limited to; cakes, biscuits, snacks and crackers.

We sell whole egg powder 1kg that makes it more economical to use. The eggs used to produce this product are free range. Eggs are a vital part of every meal and are a great source of one of our most important nutrients, protein. The white is pure protein while the yolk contains vitamins and minerals. See the video below on how to use dried egg powder products in cooking:

Long lasting scrambled eggs :Our UK produced powder is perfect for use in food and non-food applications giving a great value for money solution. Binders,  Yolk replacer, Coatings, Ice Cream, Pet Food, Milk Replacement.

Egg Albumen Powder - forms a keto protein total similar to that found in fresh eggs, used for making custard mixes, ice-creams and milk shakes etc. Whole Egg Powder is used in the baking industry and is combined with other flours to form a cake mix which is high on protein and has applications in meat processing (as a binding agent). It is also widely used in cooked meat products such as pies and sausages.

Add a nutritional boost to your food with this dried egg powder. Dried egg is an excellent source of protein, fat and cholesterol free. Available in 1kg and 25kg boxes, you'll always have this versatile ingredient on hand for cooking. Ideal for baking and cooking, add to muffins, cakes and cookies for added flavour. A must-have for any kitchen, use in an array of recipes from cheesy casseroles to creamy sauces.

Whole Egg Powder for Keto 1kg & 3kg

Whole Egg Powder for Keto. Whole Egg Powder 1KG Long Lasting Scrambled Eggs Home Cooking.

Our egg powder is available in a range of measures and makes a great addition to your cooking allowing for tasty, low carb meals. Our egg powder can be bought online via the links below. If you'd like to know more about egg powder and how to use it then contact us.

Our Whole Egg Powder is made from high-quality eggs. It is designed to add whole egg flavour to mixes, sauces and gravies for boosting the robustness and creamy texture. Used in small amounts, it also can be used to increase nutritional content - whole eggs are a natural source of Vitamin A, D & E - and cater for a broader range of dietary needs. This product is perfect for adding an extra boost of protein to food mixes for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, as well as ketogenic dieters.

Dried egg powder is a good alternative to liquid whole eggs in dry, low moisture food products containing eggs as an ingredient. Dried whole egg powder is a versatile ingredient, which can be used as a substitute for liquid eggs at 1/3 of the cost.

Made from 100% British eggs, our Whole Egg Powder (egg albumen) is a great alternative to fresh eggs in many recipes. Using real dried egg instead of powdered or canned alternatives has always been one of the key benefits of making your own homemade sauces, mayonnaise and other foods. With an average chicken egg weighing 50g, a 25kg box contains over 6500 eggs which can then be dried in the moisture free environment of our specialised drying hall. We are able to remove 97% of the moisture content in our egg powder with very low damage done to its structure. This means that our dried egg powder retains many of the properties of live whole eggs, including its natural colour, binding properties and nutritional profile. Our dried egg is sourced from just a few local farms, ensuring a great taste and provenance with each purchase. Our Whole Egg Powder is also great for using in sports supplementation as it can be mixed into smoothies and shakes and taken directly in shot form to boost energy levels during exercise. Whether you use dried eggs for your food or sports nutrition needs, remember that less than half of the bound water weight is removed from these powders, so even though the powders are dehydrated they still have a high water content.

Chicken Egg Powder provides a high quality, -long lasting and versatile egg in powder form. Our dried egg is produced from fresh Australian chicken eggs by spray drying. It's suitable for use in a wide variety of household and commercial food products, baking and confectionary – giving you more choice and control over the ingredients you use!

Good nutrition is essential for muscle growth and development. Whole Egg Powder is an excellent product for athletes, body builders and those on high protein diets, who are looking for a quality source of protein.

Low Carb Diet Whole Egg Powder

Home Cooking Egg Yoke & White Dried egg is natural and has been dried, therefore retaining all of its nutritional properties. It contains a high protein content with very low fat content equipped with perfect binding properties. This product can be used in food and non-food blends as an optional ingredient to create diverse applications. Many users are enjoying the benefits of egg albumen powder in their daily diet, adding a number of health-giving properties which include cholesterol reductions, improved blood pressure, bone strengthening and many more. Using the highest grade whole egg powder has never been easier; it's available in a 1kg pack that makes it easy to store your egg powder while providing freshness and functionality in your kitchen. Our dried eggs are also great for home cooking which makes them an ideal ingredient for scrambled eggs, omelets, desserts, snacks to name a few.

The perfect addition to any hot protein drink, this egg powder offers convenience to the busy family. Long Lasting Scrambled Eggs Home Cooking Whole Egg Powder 1KG by Hens Cake is a flavorful blend of fresh eggs that are ground up and covered in a mix of other ingredients. The mixture comes as a fine powder, which you can add directly to drinks or shakes. Each kilogram of whole egg powder is made from 250 eggs, so you can enjoy the benefits of a delicious and natural meal without having to worry about running out. The dried egg also contains one gram of protein per serving, making it an easy-to-use and convenient addition to any low-carb diet.

Our Whole Egg Powder UK and Egg White Powder 1kg contain only natural ingredients. This makes them much better for you than other egg powders available on the market today. Whole egg powder has many functional characteristics most notably its ability to bind ingredients together. The binding ability of the whole egg and egg white powder has been proven by the baking industry for many years and this has been acknowledged by the food manufacturing sector, particularly in the catering industry.

Egg powders have served a vital role in many industries where egg products are essential. Egg powders are known for its benefits in the food industry, thanks to its protein and nutrients. It has an amazing binding property when mixed with other ingredients, making it a good ingredient for batters and glazes. Our whole eggs powder is best used in drinks, instant foods, energy bars and much more.


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