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We’ve been testing their range of sweeteners and sugar replacements for a few days and we wanted to share our initial thoughts and opinions. Many products and products ranges sound great in theory, but not all live up to expectations. We hope this NKD living review gives you a deeper understanding of the product range as well as gives you some practical advice on how you could incorporate them into your diet.

NKD Living is a company based in Wales specializing in products to counter sugar cravings. Their product range has expanded, but they started out by offering keto sweeteners that can be used in tea, coffee, hot chocolate or anything that requires sweetener. They also offer sugar replacements for baking.

Having a sweet tooth is a common problem. We all have that craving, especially after a meal for something sweet. Whether you have diabetes or not, surely there is always a safer alternative to sugar? Well NKD Living has created a range of sweeteners and sugar replacements which can be used to substitute sugar in pretty much everything, which is why we had to write this review. We review all of the NKD Living sweeteners from NKD Living Stevia to Monk Fruit Sweetener UK.

Regardless of the reason why you are reading this review I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree that sugar is not doing us any favours. Whether you are trying to lose weight, manage blood glucose more effectively or just plain old want to stop eating so many calories, being able to control sugar intake can help, this is where NKD Living come in.

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NKD Living Review Summary

There are many reasons why people turn to a sugar alternative a lot of people do so for weight loss or a healthier lifestyle. However, the rising consumer awareness about the rising epidemic of diabetes and obesity have also been key factors. In this article I will be giving you an honest review about the entire NKD Living product range. As a constituent of a ketogenic diet, I’m always on the search for a tasty, tasty sugar replacement. I’ve tried a few different sweeteners, but never a full-blown “sugar replacer” that mimics sugar in all its uses. In today’s review, we’ll be looking at four different aspects of the NKD Living product line. Do you want to learn all about NKD Living? Don’t worry as our blog post will provide as much information as possible. We start this review by explaining what made us want to do a full NKD Living review and how we put it together. After that we go on to look at the first product we tried: sweetener tablets. After that we continue with some great sweeteners and sugar replacements and then finish off by giving you a few recipes which incorporate any of the products reviewed.
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