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Keto Jam is a range of fruit spreads from chunky strawberry, to tangy orange or cherry. They are all crafted with no added sugar and using fruit as our puree base.

Real Fruit, real flavour, real low carb. KETO JAM™ is a completely natural sugar free jam with all the flavour of regular jam – but without the extra carbs. Enjoy remarkable taste in a nearly carbohydrate free product. KETO JAM™ is packed full with natural flavour that can be enjoyed on bagels, crumpets, toast or just about anything else. Each jar contains only 0.5g of carbs on average per slice.

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Good Good Raspberry keto jam

Keto Friendly Sweet Raspberry Jam

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Walden Farms Chocolate Dip 340g

Walden Farms Chocolate Dip 340g

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Packed with real fruit, Keto Jam is the perfect low carb, ketogenic friendly, alternative to jam that you can have on toast. With less than one gram of carbs per serving and coming in at just over 100 calories, this amazing filling spread is perfect when you need a sweet treat without the sugar rush.

Types of Keto Jam

Keto Jam, a real fruit low carb jam that is keto friendly. We have put together a list of the different types of keto jam and their sugar count for you, so you can make healthier tasting jams at home to avoid extra sugar and sweeteners.

1. Chia Seed Jam
2. Almond Butter/Almond Jam
3. Coconut Base Jam

Keto Jam Spread

Keto Jam Spread is an alternative to high sugar jam. Keto Jam Spread is low carb and a source of soluble fibre that will help your microbiome when eating the LCHF diet. You can buy jars of Keto Jam Spread here, we low this on low carb bread as well as in keto cake recipes.

Keto Jam Spread is a spread made from berry keto jam that’s a sugar free alternative to normal sugary spreads. Sugar free preserves can taste a little strange. To make it tasty we added stevia to the recipe and a few other ingredients. Stevia powder allows this low carb fruity spread to taste great with a good sweet mild flavour, just like sugar sweetened preserves. However, the sugar alcohols in stevia makes this spread suitable for people on candida diets.

Jam for me has always been a part of the breakfast experience. Whether it is spread over toast, in an English muffin or in a low carb bread, jam has been included in my breakfasts since I can remember. This changed when I moved onto a keto diet and stopped eating sugar. I replaced the missing jam with peanut butter but once I tasted Keto Jam Spread from Keto Supplements, I have never looked back.

Sugar Free Jam UK

Jam is high in sugar, high in carbs and very expensive. Low Carb Jam Spread is a healthier alternative to high sugar jam that you can buy in shops. You can buy jars of Low Carb Jam Spread here , it’s the only place I sell this product too. The ingredients are low carb, low sugar, no artificial additives or preservatives. The spread mix contains grated apple, grated carrot and mixed seed which you can add to make your own Low Carb Jam or low carb cheesecake.

I don’t think we need any introduction to jam, but if you do, buckle up and get ready for a tasty ride! Traditional jam is high in sugar and lacks the health benefits of other better-for-you spreads such as Peanut Butter or Coconut Oil. That’s why we created Low Carb Jam Spread.

This is how this idea originated. Its name came to me one night when I was looking for a way to drink my morning coffee. It was not long before I had my first taste of Low Carb Jam Spread. It was delicious, and as such has become a mainstay in my diet.