Keto Lager

Sugar Free Keto Lager is a new type of lager made for the low carb diet followers. If you prefer the flavour and alcohol content of lagers but are on a strict low carb diet, then this product is for you. With only 2.6g net carbs per 330ml glass bottle , Keto Lager might be better than your old favourite mid strength beer. With more flavour than traditional light beers and a lower calorie content, these keto lagers make it easy to stay on track with your low carb diet.

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Keto Beer UK

Keto Lager UK

Keto Lager is brewed to be a light tasting beer that has some kick – but 0 carbs. This means when you’re following low carb diets like Atkins, ketogenic diet and gluten-free you can enjoy the flavour of a beer but without the high alcohol content because of the lack of carbs. Keto lager has 55% fewer carbs than other beers in its range.

Keto lager is a beer that has been greatly reduced in carbohydrates with no compromise on flavour. We have shaken up the beer market by providing a full flavoured lager that is low carb. A fully flavoured beer that is low carb. Keto lager will allow you and your friends to enjoy the classic taste of beer while staying in ketosis.

Keto Lager UK, we sell the lowest carb lager in the UK. At a maximum of 2.4g of carbs per beer, we have a lager beer that is even lower in carbohydrate than many low carb beers and ciders. Keto Lager is brewed to a 4.2% abv and tastes like any regular lager. Keto Lager is packed with B vitamins which are essential to the body and helps improve brain function and mood along with assisting in fat burning, helping you to get into ketosis (condition where your body uses fat for fuel).

Lowest Carb Lager 2021

The Lowest Carb Lager 2021 is a list of best low carb lagers in the UK for 2021. We have researched hundreds of lager reviews to piece together this comprehensive, no-frills list of the top-rated low carb lagers. Contains information about each beer including reviews, price ranges, and links to manufacturers’ websites.

In 2021, Lowest Carb Lager have been voted the best beers in the UK. They only list the beers with less than 3g of carbs per pint, AND is tasted by experts and proven to be like any other regular beers you can find currently on tap around the UK.