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Pork rind snacks are a perfect keto treat! Keto Crackling – the ideal snack. Keto friendly! Includes low carb breadcrumbs, sea salt and 100% natural pork crackling.

Home of the Original and Best Keto Crackling! The perfect way to curb that pork scratching craving and stay on track with the keto diet.


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Wildings Lamb Crackling Mint Flavour

Wilding’s Lamb Crackling

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Keto Pork Rinds UK

Keto Crackling is how to enjoy the taste of crunchy, savoury pork rinds on the Keto diet. Just what you need when you can’t stand another chicken breast or beef burger.

Packed with protein and fat, these keto friendly crackling are an ideal snack for the keto diet. As well as being great dipped in guacamole they can be used to give a crusty texture to any meal. The crackling are mild flavoured and without any spices so can be enjoyed alone or added to a wide array of dishes.

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Keto Crackling are made from 100% natural pork rinds and just the right amount of salt. Pork rinds are naturally low in carbohydrates and high in protein, making them the perfect keto snack. At only 1g net carbs per serving they are also a great alternative to bread crumbs or cornflakes for coating your keto based fried chicken meatballs. Our pork rinds contain no added sugar, so you can enjoy them guilt free!

Our seasoned snack, Keto Crackling is perfect for both snacking and cooking. Crunchy, salty, and oh-so satisfying. It’s a keto-friendly treat you can enjoy any time of day!

Keto Pork Scratchings UK

If you’re looking for the best keto friendly low carb pork scratchings, then we have found the best keto friendly low carb pork scratching in the UK.

A keto friendly pork scratching or pork rind is hard to find and even harder to cook. They can be difficult to find in the UK, but we have found the best keto friendly pork scratchings for you. You will get 10 delicious pork scratchings per pack. Each bag is suitable for ketogenic or low carb diets.

Keto pork scratchings are a healthy snack and we found the best keto pork scratchings for those that want to be low carb. These crackling sweets have only 3g net carbs and are suitable for fat fast keto diets.