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Bosike Ketone Strips
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Cheap Ketostix

Ketostix Reagent Strips for Ketone Urinalysis

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Keto Test Kits UK

Keto Test Kits come a number of methods and types. The most used is the ketone strip, a paper strip with a pad at the end. The tip is dipped into urine to indicate if ketones are in the urine as well as the level of ketones in the urine.

Keto Tests can be either extremely accurate for example a blood tester, or less accurate. The price of each kit can vary with the higher priced kits tend to be more accurate.

The accuracy of the keto test kit can be a big talking point among the keto community.We take the stance of its up to you. If you are looking at ketosis as a long term lifestyle or being in ketosis is vital for health, then go with a high accuracy keto testing kit. If you just want the reasurance of if you are in ketosis or not, then some ketostix should be fine for your needs.