Keto Electrolytes UK

Keto Electrolytes are the minerals and salts your body needs to keep hydrated and functioning at its best. These Electrolytes are zero carb to ensure you are able to stick to the keto diet when taking them. Taking Electrolytes are especially needed when in ketosis as the body expels more minerals and salts when in ketosis than in a glycogen rich state.

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Fasting Salts Keto

Keto electrolytes and electrolytes in general are vital to those on the keto diet.

When your body uses ketones for energy rather than glycogen you body used more mineral salts to go through the process and therefore it uses up these electrolytes faster than you would normally replenish them in the diet. Therefore there is a need to add additional electrolytes in the form of keto friendly electrolytes.

Keto electrolytes are the base minerals your body needs to replenish those lost in sweat, urine and in the ketone creation and absorption. These are electrolytes made specifically for those on keto and are very low carb

Keto Flu Electrolytes UK

One of the main causes of keto flu is a mineral imbalance (read mineral deficiency) in the body.  During Ketosis the kidneys extract more electrolytes from the body than normal to enable the ketone creation and reduction in insulin. These electrolytes lost are mainly Magnesium and Potassium. We need to replace these key electrolytes or you will start to suffer the symptoms of what is know as keto flu.

Some people have been know to add more pink salt into their foods which is one way to replace these mineral salts, but for a more accurate way of gauging how much magnesium, potassium and other minerals you are taking is to but a dosed keto electrolyte.