K1 Sugar Free beer 12 x 330ml bottles

K1 Sugar Free beer 12 x 330ml bottles is the perfect answer. This premium lager has been crafted to offer a crisp, clean flavour usually associated with heavier beers, but without the extra calories. Brewed in the Czech Republic, this light golden lager is made from only the finest ingredients and contains no added sugar or preservatives. Read our review here.

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K1 Sugar Free beer 12 x 330ml bottles
K1 Sugar Free beer 12 x 330ml bottles


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K1 Sugar Free Beer 12 x 330ml bottles is a new, light and refreshing beer option for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional beers. This low-carbohydrate beer is a great choice for those looking to reduce their sugar intake but don't want to miss out on the taste of a cold brew. Whether you're at a party or just relaxing at home, K1 Sugar Free Beer offers a healthier option that won't leave you feeling sluggish after drinking.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: K1 Beer
  • Manufacturer: ‎K1 BEER PLC
  • Beer Type: Low Carb Lager
  • Bottle Size: 330ml
  • Carbs per Bottle: 4.0g
  • Sugar per Bottle: 1.21g
  • Alcohol: 4.8% ABV
  • Ingredients:
  • Bottles per Case: 12
  • Country of Origin: UK
  • Item Weight: 550g
  • Cals per serving: ‎23.90 kcal

What is K1 Sugar Free Beer?

K1 Sugar Free Beer is a popular and refreshing choice for those looking to enjoy a beer without the worry of consuming too much sugar. The 12 x 330ml bottles feature low-calorie, light bubbly beer that's perfect for any occasion. Not only does this beer have no added sugars, but it also has fewer calories than other beers, while still offering an all-natural flavour with no aftertaste.

This beer provides a great option for those looking to reduce their overall sugar intake or dieters who are counting calories. With its crisp taste and light texture, K1 Sugar Free Beer can be enjoyed during any meal or as part of your daily routine without worrying about the impact of extra calories or sugars on your body.

Taste Test: K1 Sugar Free Beer 12 x 330ml bottles

Do you miss the taste of beer but don't want all the calories that come with it? Look no further than K1 Sugar Free Beer! This light and refreshing drink provides an excellent alternative to regular beer without sacrificing any of its delicious flavor.

K1 Sugar Free Beer is made using only natural ingredients, so you can rest assured that there are no artificial sweeteners in your pint. The brewing process is designed to bring out the most delicious flavors while still keeping things light and crisp. With only 67 kcal per serving, this low calorie beverage will make sure you don't compromise on taste when trying to cut down on calories.

If you're looking for a guilt-free beer experience, then K1 Sugar Free Beer is definitely worth considering.


Packaging is an important consideration when it comes to food and beverage products. The way a product is packaged can affect its longevity, appearance and ultimately its popularity with consumers. K1 Sugar Free beer 12 x 330ml bottles makes the perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional beers.

This unique brew includes a special blend of grains and hops that has been fermented to create a refreshing, light beer without the aftertaste of sugar. Each bottle is presented in a stylish design that stands out on supermarket shelves, drawing attention from shoppers seeking something different. The packaging also serves as an effective way of conveying information about the product's ingredients and nutritional values, giving customers peace of mind about what they are buying.


Price is likely to be a major influencing factor when it comes to purchasing K1 Sugar Free beer. This 12 x 330ml bottle pack offers an affordable option for those looking to indulge in a refreshing alcoholic beverage without the worry of consuming too much sugar. It is currently available on the market at an average price of £15, representing great value for money.

The cost of this product compares favourably with other brands offering similar types of beverages and may offer customers a more economical alternative than other low-sugar drinks, such as soft drinks or fruit juices. Furthermore, due to its affordability, it makes it easier for customers to enjoy K1 Sugar Free beer without breaking the bank! As such, this presents itself as an attractive purchase for those seeking sugar free refreshment at a reasonable price.

K1 Sugar Free beer Availability

K1 Sugar Free beer 12 x 330ml bottles is now available to buy. This delicious low-calorie beer contains only 0.5g of sugar and has a light, crisp taste that will appeal to all kinds of drinkers. With 12 bottles in each pack, you can save money while still enjoying a high-quality alcoholic beverage.

This K1 Sugar Free beer is perfect for those who are looking for an alternative way to enjoy their favourite spirit without the guilt or calories associated with regular beers. It's also an excellent choice for health-conscious drinkers looking for an easy way to reduce their alcohol consumption without compromising on flavour. Enjoy this refreshing low-calorie brew at any occasion - from dinner parties to barbecues - and experience the great taste and convenience of K1 Sugar Free beer today!

Why Drink Sugar Free Beer?

Sugar-free beer is exactly what its name suggests: a type of beer with little to no sugar content. While traditional beer often contains varying amounts of residual sugars from the brewing process, sugar-free beer is meticulously crafted to minimize or eliminate these sugars. This has resulted in a refreshing alternative that appeals to individuals watching their sugar intake. The benefits to the drinker of Sugar Free Beer is lower carbs, making a low calorie beer that does not have as many health issues than normal beer.

Benefits of Sugar Free Beer:

In a world where health-conscious choices are paramount, the allure of sugar-free beer shines bright. Embracing the blend of taste and wellness, sugar-free beer offers a refreshing escape from conventional brews. Let's delve into the captivating realm of benefits that make sugar-free beer a smart and satisfying choice.

Healthier Lifestyle

Opting for sugar-free beer aligns with a healthier lifestyle. By reducing your sugar consumption, you can contribute to better weight management and lower the risk of health issues related to excess sugar intake.

Reduced Calorie Intake

Sugar-free beer is often lower in calories compared to its sugary counterparts. This makes it a favorable choice for those aiming to cut back on calorie consumption while still enjoying a cold brew.

Diabetic-Friendly Option

Individuals with diabetes can also relish in the joy of having a beer without worrying about significant sugar spikes. Sugar-free beer provides a suitable option for those managing their blood sugar levels.

Minimized Hangover Impact

Excess sugars in traditional beer can contribute to more severe hangovers. Sugar-free beer, with its reduced sugar content, may lead to milder hangover symptoms for some individuals.

Brewing Process of Sugar-Free Beer

The process of brewing sugar-free beer involves meticulous attention to detail. Brewers employ specific techniques to limit the conversion of sugars during fermentation, resulting in a beer that retains its characteristic flavors without the sweetness.

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