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Welcome to the realm of “Dr. Axe Approved Supplements,” a curated selection derived from Dr. Josh Axe’s extensive expertise and recommendations. Our catalog showcases supplements either crafted by companies under Dr. Axe’s ownership or in alignment with supplement categories he has endorsed through his books, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

Dr. Axe’s holistic approach to health and wellness has garnered a dedicated following, and our range of supplements reflects his commitment to quality, authenticity, and effectiveness. Each product resonates with the principles he advocates, combining ancient traditions with contemporary science.

From foundational vitamins and minerals to cutting-edge formulations, our offerings encompass a spectrum of health goals. Whether you’re pursuing gut health, immune support, cognitive enhancement, or overall vitality, you can trust that these supplements are designed to meet Dr. Axe’s exacting standards.

Embark on a wellness journey backed by Dr. Axe’s insights, as you discover supplements that embody his philosophy of natural well-being. Your path to improved health starts here.

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Dr Axe Bone Broth - Ancient Nutrition bone broth
Dr Axe Bone Broth - Ancient Nutrition bone broth - Nutritional Facts

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Collagen Protein UK – Dr AXE

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Dr. Axe Recommended Supplements:

Dr. Josh Axe's holistic approach to health and wellness has garnered him a reputation as a trusted source of natural solutions. His brand, Ancient Nutrition, encompasses a range of supplements that align with his philosophy and expertise. From foundational vitamins to specialized formulations, these supplements are designed to support your well-being through every stage of life.

Bridging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science

Ancient Nutrition, co-founded by Dr. Axe, stands at the crossroads of time-tested traditional wisdom and cutting-edge scientific research. The brand's commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that each supplement is crafted with the utmost care and precision.

A Comprehensive Guide to Dr. Axe Recommended Supplements

Here are some key supplements that Dr. Axe has suggested based on his books, podcasts, and YouTube videos:
Supplement Recommended Dosage
Keto Collagen Supports ketogenic lifestyle
Vitamins C, E, and A Essential antioxidants
B Vitamins Vital for energy metabolism
Vitamin D and Calcium Bone health and immune support
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Heart and brain health
Antioxidants Combat oxidative stress
Probiotics Gut health and immunity support

Specific Dosages for Optimal Health

Dr. Axe's recommended dosages for certain supplements:
  • Vitamin D: 15 to 20 mcg/day (600 to 800 IU)
  • Calcium: 1,000 to 1,200 mg/day
  • Probiotics: 2–4 capsules of high-quality probiotic capsules daily
  • Folate/folic acid: 400 mcg/day
  • Iron: 8 to 18 mg/day
  • Magnesium: 310 to 400 mg/day
  • Vitamin A: 700 to 900 IU/day
  • Vitamin C: 75 to 90 mg/day
  • Vitamin E: 22.4 IU/day (or 15 mg/day)
  • Omega-3s: 250–500 mg of combined EPA and DHA daily
By integrating these supplements into your daily routine, you can embrace Dr. Axe's holistic approach to wellness and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life. With Ancient Nutrition's commitment to purity and effectiveness, you can trust that you're nourishing your body with the best nature has to offer.
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