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BEEFit Snacks Chilli Biltong 1kg
4 weeks ago

BEEFit Snacks Chilli Biltong 1kg

BEEFit chilli biltong is the ideal snack for anyone on a ketogenic diet. This 1kg bag of quality grass-fed beef contains zero carbs, zero sugar, zero gluten and zero added preservatives. With high fat and protein content, this delicious keto snack is loaded with healthy fats and essential amino acids to keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours without leaving you with that 'sugar crash' feeling. Saddle up and enjoy a healthy treat with this 1kg bag of BEEFit Chili Biltong. Rich in protein, low carbs and containing no added sugar, this delicious snack is perfect for anyone following a keto diet. Feel the boost from the high levels of natural energy from the premium hand-selected grass-fed beef used to make it. The flavour is guaranteed to make you saddle up again for more!  
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